Wisdom teeth

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    My jaw feels like it’s literally about to shut down, I’m positive the cause are my wisdom teeth, I have an appointment in two days to hopefully to get them removed I’m in severe pain and can barely move it. Either my wisdom’s or my jaw is literally shutting down.

    I’m curious, I have already lost weight, from 75/76kg down to about 70kg due to being on a low carb/sugar diet and not eating enough to maintain weight. I have an occasional slight whiting on my tongue, nothing severe. I’m afraid the candida might get into the holes where the wisdom teeth were removed, and I’m also afraid if I can’t eat for a few days I’ll lose the last bit of weight I have, I’m normally 80kg so ATM I’m 10kg under and am pretty boney, can still bench 60+kg and lift some decent weights on the dumbel and forearm rack, kept most my muscle, but I feel very skinny. I figure I won’t be able to brush my tongue properly because of the removal and the pain in my jaw, if it’s this bad now I imagine it ten times worse when there out. But also better;) so if I don’t brush the whiting might thicken and get into the holes. I was thinking about carb loading tomorrow because I’m not gonna be able to eat for days and wanna try hold some weight, but I’m unsure if speeding up the whiting process and leading the candida to my wisdom teeth holes, or if losing more weight will be a better outcome haha. Please, any input would be grouse!

    Thanks guys


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