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    I have been on the candida diet for 1 week now. I am currently taking a probiotic 2x day (The Energetic Difference 12-stain, given to me by my gyno) 2x day, Nystatin 2x day (increasing this every week up to 4x day), and started doing a colon cleanse to flush out all the toxins everyday because I have been so constipated. I just started drinking Keifer. Some of the foods I am consuming still have a little sugar, ex. the keifer is flavored and my yogurt is flavored, is this too much sugar daily? It’s extremely hard to cut out ALL sugar. My symptoms mainly include vaginal burning, to the point I haven’t had sex comfortably for at least 4 years and my current gyno believes candida is my problem. I also have boric acid vaginal supp I haven’t started yet and tea tree oil but I have had a fear of applying it topically vaginally. I haven’t had any die off symptoms since starting the colon cleanse, before it I was having muscle pain all over my body at night. Did the Nystatin quit working or has the colon cleanse eased my die off symptoms? By continuing to take this mixture should I start to see results? and how soon? or should I make some changes? Any help would be greatly appreciated since I have been suffering for so long and want to have children soon. Thanks


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    I am currently taking a probiotic 2x day The Energetic Difference 12-stain

    I can’t find anything on the Internet about this probiotic, do you have a link?

    Some of the foods I am consuming still have a little sugar, ex. the kefir is flavored and my yogurt is flavored, is this too much sugar daily?

    That depends how much sugar they contain, and what types of flavoring. Send us the name of the products and we can check.

    Did the Nystatin quit working or has the colon cleanse eased my die off symptoms?

    That’s very doubtful. And the colon cleanse wouldn’t ease die-off symptoms.

    By continuing to take this mixture should I start to see results?

    That probably depends on what you’re eating that is feeding the Candida. This is the diet you need to follow for a cure.

    And this is the protocol.

    An index of the various post/subjects:
    and how soon?

    No one can give you the answer to this question; far too many factors to consider.



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    Hi Kad,
    Welcome 🙂
    I just have two questions. When are you taking the Nystatin and probiotics? Are you taking the separately and are you taking probiotics on a empty stomach? When I was taking diflucan I took my probiotics in the morning on a empty stomach and took diflucan later on at night. 😀 I hope the Nystatin helps you, diflucan did not have much impact on me. It felt great when I was taking it but it only lasted when I was taking it. My doctor is thinking about possible putting me on Nystatin, though I wonder if it will have the same results as the diflucan.


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    I take the probiotics when I wake up. I then take the Nystatin about an hour later with food as instructed by my gyno as to not upset my stomach. At night I do the same. Am I taking them too close together? A month ago I was on Diflucan & Nystatin at the same time, which lasted for a week before my stomach couldn’t handle it anymore. So, my gyno instructed me to finish the Diflucan & stop the Nystatin. I did this and so no improvement. Now I am starting back on the Nystatin slowly, taking it 1x day the 1st week, 2x day the 2nd week and so on until I reach taking it 4x day. I have taken diflucan before and saw no improvement. The Nystatin is hopefully killing the candida, I’m guess so just by the evidence expelled from the colon cleanse.

    Here are a few items I am consuming which I may not supposed to be?:
    Lifeway organic Kefir
    Chobani yogurt
    Homemade quaker oatmeal sweetened with Xylitol
    Homemade lipton black tea sweetened with Xylitol
    Back to Nature Organic Stoneground crackers with almond butter

    The colon cleanse to flush out the toxins:
    which I take 2x morning/2x night for 1 week then 1x morning/1x night for 1 week
    Is this supposed to give you bad diarrhea?

    Here is the probiotic from my gyno:
    Is it a good one?


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    The crackers contain wheat flour, wheat flakes, soy, and evaporated cane juice which is just another name for sugar. All of these are feeding the Candida in your body.

    The Quaker oatmeal is perfect if you want to give the Candida a feast.

    The only thing I noticed about your colon cleanse is it contains psyllium husk powder. I wouldn’t take it for very long.

    The probiotic seems to be fine, but I didn’t see the billion count.

    I would take the probiotic & Nystatin further apart, maybe three hours.

    You should read our protocol and diet which I posted earlier and you wouldn’t be making all of these mistakes.



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    Why wouldn’t you take psyllium husk powder too long?
    I understand that these food items have sugar in them, but they are low in sugar. I cannot live off of vegetables alone.


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    Wheat and caffeine will just irritate your intestinal lining. If you want to beat candida, you need to create a healthy environment in your GI tract. Fuelling leaky gut and inflammation isn’t exactly putting out a welcome mat for beneficial gut flora.

    It seems daunting at first, but basing your diet around vegetables isn’t as hard as it sounds. You can still have eggs, fish and some poultry, as well as introducing things like yoghurt, oat bran, buckwheat and various coconut products after a short time on the diet, not to mention good quality oils.

    It can be extremely difficult to regain your digestive health if you don’t make a full commitment to improving it. Simply eating “healthily” isn’t going to be effective. Health claims and the word ‘organic’ on packaging can’t provide the relief you need. It’s tough, but it gets easier with each week once you get over the initial hump.

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