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    My question is: can candida be passed on to the partner?

    Thank you!


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    Yes, Candida can be passed to your partner. This occurs most often through intercourse.


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    It took some work but my husband is on board, mostly, with starting a candida diet. I plan on going full swing and cutting out all the bad foods 100%. He is going along with me, but already admits that he won’t be so strict. In doing this I know it will take much longer for him to heal but I am worried that it will also hinder my recovery. He’s not as bad off as I am, I think I am the one who gave him this problem and it’s just been getting worse with our stress and eating habits. At first he thought I was way over board about this. But with our emotional instability due to this problem it pushed us onto the same path, although I am much more into this all than he is. I suppose I’m lucky he’s going along with it at all. Will a condom help prevent him from giving me back the candida if I get better and he still isn’t under control yet?

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