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    Hey everyone 😉
    I am just wondering if the Greek yoghurt contains cows milk anyways why is it not allowed as such ? What do you put into chicory coffee then ? And also what do you think about beetroot ?
    Jenny 🙂


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    Yogurt is made by fermenting milk; the sugar in the milk is ‘eaten’ during fermentation, so very little sugar is left in the end product.

    You can put Stevia or Truvia in chicory coffee as well as a bit of coconut or almond milk once you’re that far along with the diet.

    In some parts of the southern US beets are referred to as “sugar beets’ and for a good reason; they’re fairly high in sugar of course. That’s why they’re not on the allowed foods list.



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    Also the benefits of the probiotics within the greek yogurt outweighs any consequences of having a dairy allergy or it not being in the allowed foods list.


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