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    hi. i’m a female in my early 20s. so, it goes like this: i started having sex when i was 15. everything was cool. around the age of 19, i did not have sex at all for an entire year. after a year, when i finally did, BOOM. yeast infection. a yeast infection every single time i have sex. this has been going on for 4-5 years now. every. single. time. on average, i probably have four a month.

    i’ve tried everything. monistat, garlic, tea tree oil…none of it works. my tolerance for diflucan now is borderline non-existant. i’ve also tried everything to make the infections stop coming. i’ve narrowed down all the options, and i KNOW it’s sex. i’ve also read that being on birth control pills for 3+ months isn’t good either. ha. i was on them for 8 years.

    i found out about candidiatis, and it seems like it’s my problem. i have always maintained a fairly healthy diet, but i do eat plenty of bananas, bread, and cheese. i have had problems with depression and anxiety all my life, but definitely now more than ever. my brain does feel clogged a lot of the times.

    i just started the candida cleanse today. i’m about to have my first liver flush and go to bed. i reallyyyyy hope this takes care of my chronic yeast infections. has anybody else had this problem? did the cleanse fix it? i want to be normal again!


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    Horreur wrote: has anybody else had this problem? did the cleanse fix it? i want to be normal again!

    The cleanse alone won’t ‘fix’ a Candida infestation any more than kicking a flat tire will repair it.

    You’ll need to go on the strict Candida diet and eventually start the antifungals and probiotics.

    In addition, once you’ve started the cycle of contracting a Candida/yeast vaginal infection every time you have unprotected sex, the cycle won’t end until you’ve taken care of the real problem, and of course that’s using protection. The vagina is more acidic than alkaline, but semen is more alkaline. If you’re continually on the borderline of a yeast infection, the addition of an alkaline environment to the vagina is all that it takes to set off the infection again.

    If you’ve started using protection now, that’s the first step. So all you’ll need to do now is the cleanse and then complete the diet’s various stages. Until you’ve done this, Candida will remain in your system.



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    I haven’t tried any of this, but some people have had some improvements: I’ve read people tried douching with garlic water or leaving a garlic clove inside (tie a string around it so you can pull it out), or using a tampon dipped in coconut oil.

    Don’t wear tights or pantyhose. Wear only cotton underwear. Don’t wear tight jeans, pants or leggings.

    I would quit BC if you are still on it at as well. If you are having unprotected sex, you can pass candida to your partner and for as long as you’re with this person, it will be harder to fight this fungus.

    All of the above is helpful, but going on the candida diet is what will really help you.

    Good luck!

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