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    I have just joined and wanted to introduce myself. I’m 46 and a lady in a quite stressful work environment.

    As a small child I was diagnosed with a severe nightshade allergy and a dairy allergy, the latter has now lessened to an intolerance. I have always been a fairly picky eater and found a lot of foods just didn’t seem to agree with me.

    Over the past eight years I have developed a range of seemingly obscure and unrelated symptoms. These included nausea, bloating (people would ask me when my baby was due), thick mucus in my throat, tingling sensation in my mouth, fatigue, insomnia, reflux, joint aches, dizziness, itchy anus, flatulence, red rash on my face, and sinus. I was tested for Lupus, Coeliac disease, Chrohn’s disease, sleep apnoea, had gastroscopies (postive for gastritis), ultrasounds, ct scans, heliobacter tests, blood tests, etc. Tests all came back negative but what the doctors called ‘low negative’, meaning there was something wrong but it didn’t confirm I had any of those specific illnesses or diseases they were testing for.

    My current GP, who seems to be quite open-minded about trying things, suggested keeping a food diary for a month and see what foods I reacted to and exactly what my symptoms were. He suggested I try a gluten-free/lactose-free diet which did help to an extent but I was still having reactions to some of the products (I have since found they were high in sugar). So we agreed I should try seeing if candida was the problem.

    The result – here I am. I am about to start stage one of the program. I’m quite nervous as its a big change in eating habits and going to be a bit of a challenge. But if I can start to feel ‘normal’ and human again then its worth the challenge.


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    Welcome to the forum, Jezhara.
    Let us know if you have any questions.



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    it’s not so bad once you get over the initial starving all the time. just try different ways to cook your meat & veggies, and whatever grains you choose to eat. I was following the GAPS diet for a while, which eliminates all grains. According to GAPS, eating grains will feed bad bacteria. good luck!


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    I am so sorry that you have this problem but so happy that you have an open-minded doctor. Those are one in a million! Most doctors think this is crazy. I wish you luck and I hope this forum helps. I know it has helped me!


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    your digestive symptoms are very similar to mine thats for sure. It sucks, I get that mucous feeling after I eat in throat, but since I cut out sugar its gotten a little better, a lot of my symptoms are better except my digestive tract. Still a battle


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    Thank you all for the kind and positive comments. It makes a real difference to the healing process having the support and encouragement of like-minded people 🙂


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    Welcome to the forum.

    The more questions you ask, the better.
    I have absorbed an amazing amount of knowledge from this forum.

    Not just facts and opinion but real life experiences.

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