While some symptoms are improving, new ones keep popping up!

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    Hey everyone,

    I’ve been battling this war for several years now. There have been many up’s and down’s.  I really thought, when I started, that if I could just finish out my 6 months, all would be well in the world. Definitely ain’t so, friends!

    My issue started after antibiotics which totally messed me up. From those awful pills, I had chronic yeast infections (down there – frontal area). Since then, that issue has been much better, but then later on during my treatment, I developed chronic BV. Lately, that too has been better. Then, I developed ear blockage/pressure, which lately has also somewhat improved. But now, my main symptoms are semi recurrent diarrhea, recurring arm rashes, and recurring “tinea” rectally – I was told by a gyno, like a “mild jock itch” (and I’m a girl, btw). I was hoping the rectal problem was just from wiping but apparently not.

    Currently, I see raster’s naturopath and I feel like he is helping me. What I’m doing/taking now: still on the strict diet, I take various homeopathic antimicrobials from Bernie to address the BV which was recently a problem – and showed up as my main problem on a Metametrix Stool test- very strong probiotics (VSL #3 – which is 900 billion, 2x a day) and once a day HMF Neuro and MegaFood Megaflora (so I get different strains), I take synthyroid for a recent thyroid issue, SF722, coconut oil, garlic, etc, various vitamins,  Butyrate, Cal Mag and a spore-based probiotic (from naturopath), eat sauerkraut that I make myself, along with the steroids I will take for life (certainly never helpful- but those were the cards I was dealt).

    The reason I’m on these antimicrobials is because my yeast symptoms were better, but my bacterial symptoms (mainly Bacterial vaginosis (BV)) was bothering me. Also, a Metametrix stool test I had done showed dysbiosis with bad bacteria out of whack (some strept, high e coli, etc), but not much happening with yeast. They cultured for yeast, and no Candida at all came up – but something called  Rhodotorula did come up, but it was only a +1, and because it wasn’t a high reading, was told by my doc that it was “normal.” I’m not so sure about that.

    So I started focusing hardcore on the bacteria- since that was the main symptom and issue from my stool test.

    Anyway,  now I’m concerned that the recent antimicrobials, while seemingly helpful to the BV (bacterial vaginosis), might be causing a yeast flare up (rectal and rashes?). These are all natural/homeopathic, but some contain herbs like Berberine (see here: http://www.amazon.com/Integrative-Therapeutics-Tyler-Para-Gard-120-Capsules/dp/B0031WVXOQ) – but possibly causing issues??  I do take a TON of probiotics- plus sauerkraut daily- as you see above.



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