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    Hi there. The Candida Diet says to avoid nuts that have a high mold content, but personally I don’t know the mold contents of any nuts. I know it says to avoid peanuts and pistachios. But I was wondering if there was any other available advice on which nuts are best to have and which are best to avoid?


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    hi im eating nuts , not pistachios or peanuts, what im doing is washing them thoroughly before i eat them , the mold tends to be on the outside like all root veggies , so i wash them and i find them ok 🙂 hope this helps x


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    I think eating nuts on the Candida diet is an individual thing. I can’t eat any at all, no matter which type. True, I’ve never tried soaking or washing them first. If it were me, I’d start with just one nut, wait to see if I get any type of reaction, and then try another one.

    Thanks for your post, Sky

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