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    Hey everyone,
    It has been awhile again, since I have posted, but I have had several things going on. I have been worried about my health lately, as my ankles are still getting swollen, and they are affecting my gait.

    Anyways, I will post an update here at some point. Today, I’m just taking it easy, as I did celebrate this past weekend for m 30th. Yes, today, I am 30, can’t believe it.

    I did have a question though, which l-glutamine do you guys buy? I have been trying various ones, and I like ones that have some added ingredients to heal my stomach and intestines. I really don’t like just doing straight l-glutamine. I need to order some more today, and here are the 2 I have tried in the past.

    1. Intestinew – http://www.iherb.com/Renew-Life-IntestiNew-90-Veggie-Caps/7770#p=1&oos=1&disc=0&lc=en-US&w=intestinew&rc=2&sr=null&ic=1

    2. GI Revive – http://www.naturalhealthyconcepts.com/gi-revive-caps-DFH210-p-designs-for-health.html?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=ppc&utm_term=GI%20Revive&utm_campaign=Product_IDS&utm_content=3127892321

    Sometimes, I like the intestinew, but then, I think there is something about it, that makes me feel off.
    As for the gi revive, I think I like this one, due to the dgl also for indigestion, stomach, etc., but it might have too many ingredients in it. Plus, it is expensive! I wish the formulas that help the most didn’t cost so much!

    Of course, these are expensive, too, but I need stuff that helps! Here are the ones I have thought about ordering today to try as an alternative. Please give me your thoughts. I would appreciate it! Otherwise, I will go back to doing the other 2 above.

    1. Perma-clear (wondering about the bourladii though, not sure I am ready for the yeast, hmm, but it seems like a good product) – http://www.thorne.com/Products/Gastrointestinal-Health/prd~SF741.jsp

    2. GI Repair Nutrients (seems pretty good) – http://www.vitalnutrients.net/Products/Product.aspx?ID=56 – really thinking I might do this one

    I do like capsules because I never know what I’ll be doing during the day, or how much I need. It varies day to day, some days not, other days, yes!

    If anyone has other recommendations, let me know. Thanks! Hope to hear a response today! =)


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    I’m generally not a fan of formulas that contain a lot of different ingredients because some ingredients are suppose to be used only on a very short-term basis and may have potentially negative consequences used otherwise. Licorice root (not DGL) is only suggested to be used for a week for example. I’m aware people do get away with using it for longer, but I like to stay on the precautionary side. Also, if you’re sensitive, it’s hard to pinpoint what is causing you to feel off or what ingredient in the formula may have initially worked but stopped working or is hindering progress. But with all that in mind, I really don’t know the ingredients in the bottles you mentioned well enough to comment though I know marshmallow root, slippery elm and DGL are all recommended supplements to help soothe/repair the gut. But I would personally buy separate bottles just so I can identify which ingredient is helping, hindering or having absolutely no effect and so that I have greater control over the amounts of each substance and the duration I choose to take each.

    But I did use L-glutamine before and the one I used was this one: http://naturalfactors.com/caen/products/detail/5972/l-glutamine-micronized.

    I liked it because it’s simple, and the powder is cheaper than capsules. It was $20 for 300g whereas the Vital Nutrients G.I repair has 36g in total for $43 on pureformula, considering there’s only 300mg of L-glutamine in each capsule. That’s a huge difference of 264g and on top, the $ difference.

    Here’s a link for an even cheaper bottle: http://www.canadianvitaminshop.com/Product/Natural-Factors-MICRONIZED-L-GLUTAMINE $14 for 300g.


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    I use the pure encapsulations L-glutamine 500mg.


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