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    Hi, can someone link me some articles that show that the candida diet actually works?

    I’ve been following the diet for 47 days religiously and my symptoms haven’t improved much. I eat only organic meat, wild caught fish, vegetables (no nightshade, starchy and sugary ones), water and some organic nuts once in a while. I lost 8 kg on this diet without any benefits (and since I’ve always been a fitness lover and careful eater I’ve never been overweight so those kgs that I’ve lost are actually lean muscle mass, no fat). I begin to think that my fatigue and headaches aren’t caused by die off reactions but by the fact that I’m eating far less calories than I consume (basically I’m starving myself instead of the yeast). I go to the gym 3 times a week and basically the calories I’m eating with this diet don’t even cover the amount I spend in the gym.

    Considering that our body needs energy (calories) to do the various thing he needs to do to function properly I’m worrying that by keep following this diet I’ll hurt myself (before I have the chance to hurt the yeast).

    I was 73 kg (for 182 cm) before starting the diet and I’m now 65 kg and my weight keeps going down. Is it safe to continue on this diet? Is there evidence that show the efficacy of this diet? And for evidence I mean studies not personal opinions or broscience.

    It’s already very difficult to follow this diet, if there is no proof that it actually works it’s pointless to risk hurting myself.

    Along with the diet I’m taking various anti fungus. As of now, I’m taking SF722 Formula, Caprylic Acid and Candisol (a mix of enzymes that are supposed to destroy the biofilms in which candida protect himself but I’m getting skeptical about their benefits after reading some opinions around the internet). I’m also taking Vitamin C and Magnesium (Pure Encapsulation).

    As I said, after 1 month and a half I haven’t noticed big results. My symptoms (mainly brain fog) have improved by a 20/30% at most. My skin rashes by 10%.

    Keep in mind that months ago I got the same improvements without following a diet or taking anti fungus (I didn’t even know I had candida back then). Then my doctor prescribed me yet another round of antibiotic and my symptoms came back stronger than ever.

    I don’t really know what to think. I’ll probably wait another few weeks and then if I don’t see improvements I’ll be a bit more loose with the diet.

    For sure I’m not happy with the results I got so far.

    Sorry if I’ve made mistakes, english isn’t my native language



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    You have to eat a lot more with this diet vs. regular diet in order to combat the weight loss.  The supplements are the x-factor in any treatment and you are not taking any probiotics.  The diet itself doesn’t reverse candida that much, it just feeds it less vs. regular diet.  It’s hard to get better without the diet.

    I recommend professional advice here on the forum because it saves you a lot of time and trouble in getting better.  A good alternative doctor can get you on the best supplements to get better and help get you better faster, the only problem is it costs a bunch more money.

    Here are some alternative ways to get better, if you want to do a biofilm protocol, I recommend you get more aggressive:


    Please list out your diet if possible.



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    You do some pretty good independent thinking, Candida90!

    Many of these diets that supposedly “kill candida” are of the “sugar is poison” type. This sugar bashing, of course, is nonsense. Sure, sugar is a pretty poor kind of nutrition as it provides “empty calories”, that is, calories without anything else. But if that would be a reason to call it poison, then vitamin C should be called poison too, because only vitamin C without anything else is also pretty useless.

    Anyway, you are indeed starving yourself, as you already found out. If that’s not what you want, then do yourself a big favour and switch back to a healthier diet immediately.

    Also note that everyone has candida. It in the guts in the mouth, in the nose, in the genital area, on the skin – it’s everywhere. Battling it is impossible, and even if you would be successful, you’d get new candida on and in you as soon as you would touch anything or anyone.

    By the way, how do you know you have candida (who diagnosed you, and how was the diagnosis reached), and where is your candida?

    I’m asking because if your candida is, for example, on your skin, or in your vulval area, then banning sugar is complete nonsense. Unless you are willing to believe that your skin or your vulva gets sweet from sugar when you consume lots of sugar… See what I mean? The sugar only reaches your mouth, stomach and gut, and it never gets to your skin or vulva.

    I applaud your asking for real science. Even then, be aware that believers in the diet will always come up with some scientific studies that seem to support their beliefs. What they will never tell you is that for every study they come up with, there are probably 15 to 20 studies that show the opposite. That shows the variability in biological outcomes. So please, look at all studies instead of only at those cherry-picked results of which the diet proponents are so proud.

    As a final remark, the alternative healers that are advised so often on forums like this one are alternative for a reason. There is simply a lack of evidence for their theories. If they would be able to prove what they advocate, their practices would no longer be alternative.

    On the other hand, all those antibiotics aren’t too good for you either. Not because they have anything to do with candida – they don’t – but because they kill a lot more than just the bad bacteria. They destroy the microbial balance inside your guts. I think that is the real underlying cause of your symptoms.

    I hope I have provided some help. If you have any questions or if you would like some clarification, please feel free and ask.




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    I think there is a lot of confusion, as I feel the illness is closer to an auto-immune illness more then anything. Which means people have a lot of different variants of the illness or similar symptoms.

    If all you have is candida albicans anti-fungals will likely do the trick for you. The problem is candida is likely just a symptom of another illness and candida is just exploiting the opportunity. Meaning anti-fungals will do very little because a fungus isn’t the issue it’s only a reaction to an issue.

    The diet helps at it’s core much like a proper diet helps a diabetic, it gives you a general direction and an idea of what the problem foods are that you will want to reduce or eliminate. I’ve personally cut very little from my diet, but I have made some drastic reductions in the problem food areas. And like you I see just as good results minimizing certain foods as following a super strict diet, maybe even better because I have energy to spare.


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    Keep in mind I think some folks have a hard time digesting fat due to Candida.  I found out this may be my case and have partly associated that with some of the weight loss I had experienced, as well.  Some weight eventually came back.  There is a blood test that can check for whether your properly digesting fats and also floating stools are a sign of improperly digested fats.


    (I believe Candida sufferers can also have problem digesting proteins and, well, all your food, in general)


    Maybe a nutritionist on here can confirm what I am saying is accurate?


    Since, the diet lets you eat all the fat/protein you want in the form of meat, etc, seems like one shouldn’t lose too much wait, just from the diet … I would think anyhow?


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    Thank you for the replies.

    Since I opened the topic (12 days ago) I introduced moderate amount of brown rice, fruits (strawberries and blueberries) and nuts in my diet and I didn’t notice any effect whatsoever, my symptoms are the same.

    I’ve also bought a probiotic (VSL 3) with 450 billion of bacteria per sachet.

    I stopped taking a bunch of products that didn’t work and these are:

    -Caprylic Acid (it only worked in the first few days)

    -Formula SF722 (never worked, I didn’t even experiment die off reaction). It seems that Thorne Research has changed the product recently and it’s not as effective as before.

    -Candisol (completely useless in destroying the biofilm of candida because it doesn’t have the enzymes chitinase, glutanase and beta glutanase)

    -Candinorm (didn’t do anything)

    I started to take Oil of Oregano, Interfase Plus, Threelac and CandElim and I’m planning to start doing some enema soon.

    I also want to do some colonics because I’ve read that lots of candida colonies are in the colon and especially in the cecum. Enemas usually can’t reach that area and anti fungal taken orally can’t reach that area either.

    It seems that quite a lot of people get rid of their candida infection by doing colonics and enemas, I’ll give it a try

    My candida case is a bit different than others…I don’t have any stomach issue at all no matter what I eat. My problems are brain fog, extreme fatigue, skin rashes (arms, neck, shoulders, testicles), blurry vision, I always feel cold especially in the extremities (I checked my thyroid three times for this but it was always ok so I guess it’s a candida related problem), a bit of a oral thrush and a general sense of irritability.

    I did the spit test and it was horrible!! As soon as I spat lots and lots of strings were coming down of my saliva. I didn’t have to wait the classic 30 minutes.

    I have to self medicate myself and I can’t rely on prescription medication for candida because my doctor doesn’t even believe that a guy can get candida so he doesn’t want to prescribe me anything (apart antidepressants).  That’s funny considering that he gave me candida in the first place by prescribing me a shitload of antibiotics that I took for years under his care.


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    My question may be due to the fact that English is not my first language – but what is the difference between a colonic and an enema? I thought they were basically the same. I entered ‘colonic’ in Wikipedia, but the Wikipedia page doesn’t seem to make much of a difference between the two either.

    Did you have your blood tested? You mention the thyroid, but there are many other possible causes for your complaints. One of them is a lack of vitamin D. I’m sure there are many other possible causes – did you have them checked out?

    Don’t worry about the spit test. It’s completely unreliable! You can search on this forum for excellent explanations, or you can read this article. You could also watch an explanation by Dr. McCombs on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6iryzPoBow




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    Hi Rabelais,

    A colonic flush out the junk in all the colon, an enema only in the first part because it can’t reach the entire colon.

    I checked out all kind of possible causes of my symptoms and in the end I really believe it’s candida. Sadly there is no sure test for diagnosing this infection.

    Update: My symptoms got worse yesterday/today and it’s my bad. On Friday night I was out with my friends and I drank and ate a shitload of things I shouldn’t have to. Yesterday I had a flare up of my symptoms (especially brain fog), now (today) I feel a little bit better.

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