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    Can someone please give me the link to the “real diet” the one that Raster and Able gave us. I am to go to Mayo Clinic. I can’t find the link to print it off…I keep trying to search for it but no matter what I call it I can’t seem to find it.

    Then I can insert all the screw ups I did on my own.




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    I was upset to see it the other day -gone-. I wish it was copied as well so I can tell people a good strict diet. I became the forum patrol guy for awhile telling everyone the “no no” foods and stricter versions/alternatives to them.



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    Yes, may I please request a copy as well?

    Able I also sent you a PM. Can you take a peek please? 🙂

    Thank you so much,



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    I believe he removed it because it became controversial. I have a feeling some forum members were upset to see their favorite foods not on the list even though they were getting better. It was also significantly different than the websites food list. The website promotes things such as cheese in low amounts, nuts, seeds, fruits, etc.

    What I have been thinking is that instead of the “allowed foods list” lets create a list of low allergin foods and the foods that are most beneficial to you while on the diet.


    -All vegetables except ones high in starch and sugar. Veggies high in starch include potatoes, etc. Carrots are a high sugar veggie.

    -All alternative flours.

    -Prebiotic foods list.

    -Anti-inflammatory foods list.

    -Low GI foods list.

    And we can list a lot more categories.



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    raster wrote: I have a feeling some forum members were upset to see their favorite foods not on the list even though they were getting better.

    Completely incorrect, Raster.

    Since I was the one constantly defending and debating the diet, I could easily see that the members who were complaining about it the most were either too weak-willed or too intimidated to follow it and instead decided to declare it was too “dangerous” or simply “unnecessary”.

    The following information was posted at the end of the “Allowed Foods List” soon after I removed the diet.

    An Alternative Diet

    “If you’re interested in a more extreme diet which is meant to cure your infestation quicker than a normal Candida diet, there is one available. This diet was once posted on the forum but removed because of controversy over its content.

    Please keep in mind that you should not start this diet unless you have been taking Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate for at least three entire days prior to starting the diet. And know that, even if you’re taking Molybdenum, there is still a chance that you will experience die-off symptoms

    As far as testimonies to the strict diet are concerned; I cured my own infestation in a comparably short period of time with the strict diet and the supplements suggested on the protocol designed by Raster and myself. Also there are many people on the forum who have or who are now using the diet who can attest to its effectiveness.

    NOTE: I will not debate this alternative diet with anyone; if you ask for the diet and make use of it, you have been warned of the possibilities connected with following the diet. If you have questions concerning the use of the diet, you can post those here on the forum as several of the experts as well as others are presently using the diet.

    If you’d like a copy of the diet, please make your request on the forum or send a personal message. Please note that I may have questions concerning your regimen and symptoms before I send you the information, and I reserve the right to refuse anyone without reason.

    IMPORTANT: If you don’t plan to or if you don’t have the will power to stay strictly on this diet as it is written, you’re wasting your time and mine by asking for it. Please understand that this offer is not meant for curiosity seekers but only for those who are serious about curing the infestation.

    I make no claim that this or any other diet or protocol on the forum will cure you because, in the end, the cure is completely up to you and no one else.”

    As you see, all one needs to do is ask.

    Jackie, Catalina, I’ll send the diet to your inbox on the forum.



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    Hi Able,

    If I may suggest that you post the diet again and name it something like “strict version of the web site diet” or something like that so people choose if the will follow that one or the web site one. Many new people would not even know about it to ask, right?

    I think it would only help so many people.

    And then if someone is doing something that is not beneficial to their fast healing, we can warn them and say “if you would like to try a stricter version of the diet and see if it gives you more benefit, here is the link…” In the index you may refer to both and say here is the allowed list of foods from the web site, and here is the stricter version if you want to be more aggressive with your treatment.

    Then people can choose what they want to use. I personally rely on the strict diet as much as possible, but since I must make do with what I have, sometimes I stray from it a little but only towards allowed list and try to make up for it somewhere else. For instance I eat tomatoes as I don’t seem to react to them. Occasionally I eat allowed list grains in small portions to make up for lacking food in the house (and cash flow issues). In the end it’s up to us how we are going to do this and you just offer advice and hold no responsibility towards our healing, responsibility is purely on us. It may not work for everyone for various reasons which are out of our hands anyway IMO.

    This is just my opinion.



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    Your inbox is full Able. Can you provide me with details of the strict diet please. I’ll follow it as instructed. I’m very strong willed when it comes to diets so following it won’t be a problem.




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    likewise, I would be very interested in this diet please?


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    please can i have a copy too
    I tried to send a message and email to Able – not sure if u got the email
    im ready for the strict diet
    thanks a lot


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    Able thanks for the copy. I will put it with my bible. The two seem to walk hand in hand getting me through life.

    I’m saddened that you were putting any time or energy into defending something that literally changed my life and with out it I fear I would be back at square one.

    I posted before and got into hot water how sad I am that someone like yourself who has given literally 100,000’s of hours researching, helping and responding to our needs has been “bullied” into changing the website or beaten down enough to stop responding or helping others.

    If you had not been here when I first came I don’t know where I would be.

    The medical society in my neck of the woods said this problem does not exist, or was in my head, or give it time and it will get better…but not ONE of them told me about a diet to get the sugar out of my system. When I first found the web site I started the diet right away. However I was not healing…that was because I was not using your diet. Using the diet on the website would have never given me the type of healing I got when I went on your diet.

    Your diet was from trial and error. Real people, real experiences, real research. It worked beautifully as long as you don’t venture off it :). Something so valuable in healing is not something that should become a debate. If someone wants to try something different fine…let them. If they have a reaction they can go back and kick themselves and say that was stupid I should have listened (voice of experience speaking here).

    I’m still frustrated. I had no idea that “problems” caused it to be removed. That was one of the greatest parts of the forum. I could be shopping and pull up the link on my phone and always have it with me to look at. I will be sure to print copies and put it in car, purse, classroom, home etc. It is such a valuable tool and such a shame to be lost here when it has helped so many of us. UGH…I’m sorry Able.

    PS: Back at hospital for mother in laws surgery this morning…have packed all my food before I came. I am learning each and every day thankfully to you and others 🙂


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    PS: Back at hospital for mother in laws surgery this morning…have packed all my food before I came. I am learning each and every day thankfully to you and others.

    I wish your Mother-in-law the best with the surgery today.

    Very smart move on packing your food again beforehand. You’re on your way to complete wellness, and I feel certain that, in the end, you’ll be proud of yourself for being so disciplined.

    Sincerely, Able


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    I too would love a copy of the original diet you posted Able as i would just like piece of mind that i am not eating anything that is going to set me back in my treatment. I’m on week 3 now and i feel this would really help me out and get me on track to fighting this off.

    It would be really appreciated if you would send me a copy of the original diet :)and i think you should be so proud of all your work and help and think of all of the individuals you have helped to turn their lives around.

    Thanks Michelle


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    I agree with Orka1998.
    I think that many people, incl. my self, would be very happy to see the strict diet.


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    I am sorry that people have been so critical of the diet. It worked for you so that is something to be proud of. 😀 I had originally seen the strict diet but I did not print a copy out. It would be great for those of us that do want to follow the strict diet to have the ability to see it or print it out. Though I totally understand your frustration. I cut many things out of my diet(spaghetti squash, brown rice, red skin potatoes, blueberries) that other places suggested were okay to eat because I wanted to heal the fastest way possible. If some people do not want to follow it that is their personal choice but don’t let those people effect the new person that really wants to do all they can to fix the problem. We should all have the freedom to get great information. Who cares what people think. You know what you are trying to explain truth as you have seen it and experienced it. I know you are trying to help other people. Thanks for all your hard work on here! We appreciate all the time you spend. You are making a difference in many people health. I am truly sorry that you do not feel appreciated like you should. For everyone sake please post the strict diet. I do understand it is your choice.
    Lots of love to you,
    Deep thanks,

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