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    I am having trouble getting a high count probiotic with DDS1 in the UK. The first probiotic I bought before looking on the forum and it only had 5 billion count. but this is the highest count I can find locally. The second one I found when I visited a neighbouring town (20 miles away) and it had a 50 billion count but no DDS1. At least the count was high but I cannot afford the petrol to go and buy them on a regular basis. I then read a lot more on the forum and realise DDS1 is important so I have tried looking online.

    I found a site that I thought was based in the UK and ordered some but this was on Thursday and now it is Monday night and I still don’t have them despite them being posted. I have now found out the company is based in Luxemburg and I am concerned that by the time I get them the 50 billion potency will be greatly reduced (I asked for an ice pack but don’t know if this will happen and with the time it is taking it will all be melted anyway.

    Please can someone recommend a good online shop based in the UK who sell at least a 50 billion count with DDS1 and will send with ice.



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    i got megaflora from Luxe BC


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    Check out this post:


    I would also check out google shopping.



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    Does amazon not work in the UK?

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