When did your oral thrush go away?

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    I’ve been on the strict diet for around 4-5 months now. And my thrush is almost GONE! It just randomly started clearing up a couple weeks ago, there was a normal looking spot on my tongue and the rest was heavily coated white, but the small spot is spreading and has almost restored my tongue to a normal look! I don’t think I’ve been doing anything differently, i’ve actually been pretty slow with the antifungals lately. For those of you who have had thrush, when did it start to clear up?

    The only thing I have been doing differently is liver flush’s, and increased immune support/vitamin c dosages.

    Is this a sign my candida overgrowth is diminishing?


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    This can be a sign that its diminishing, but most of all you should ask yourself how do you feel? If you are thinking “not quite there but maybe close” then thats likely where you are at.

    Keep in mind the moment you cheat or start with the stage 2/3 foods, it will slowly return or worsen temporarily.


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