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    What follows is my account battling candida or what I thought was candida. It turns out that candida is only part of the story. The other part is my allergy to candida.
    During the winter of 2011 when I was working a very stressful job and eating large amounts of sugar that I believe set the stage for developing perhaps developed a sensitivity to yeast.

    Perhaps it was a yeast over growth which got a foothold due to a confluence of nasal steroid I was taking for seasonal allergies, a very high sugar diet, and combined with the most stress I’ve ever had in my life.

    In the spring of 2011 I began to get small eruptions of redness on my face. At first the blemishes were just below my right eye and but it eventually spread to both eyes and between the eyes above the nose. At times the edge of my eyes were bright red, raw, irritated and weeping slightly all the time. My allergies seem to get worse with nose dripping more often. I’ve always had bad seasonal allergies. Now I seem to have allergies even during the usual low allergy months.

    Log start:
    Noticed eye blotch, sinuses minimally involved.

    Eye blotch spreading. Start applying topical miconazole which seems to help. I dismiss as some minor yeasty beasty skin infection sure to be fixed by topical antifungal.

    Woke up in the morning and went to kitchen to drink my usual eight ounces of room temperature tap water. As the water hits my stomach I double over in pain. Feels like a bomb went off in my stomach. Pain was so acute I nearly dropped the glass I was holding. Leave to get pepto from the store. Rest of the day the stomach was fine and was careful drinking water after. Pain appeared only that one day. I dismiss it as transient.
    While visiting a friend I discussed having stomach pain and my friend suggests that it is an ulcer resulting from my stress levels. I mull it over and wonder if the nasal steroid I’ve been taking could be a factor as I had just recently quit that horribly stressful job. Perhaps it is an ulcer, will need to research more. Stopped all anti-inflammatory steroid use.

    Full blown eye eruption and sinus involvement. Stop eating carbohydrates, no steroids.

    Maintain dieting, skin is doing better but still some persistent redness and periodic allergy issues.

    Ate carbs on vacation, eyes getting bad again. Back to zero carb diet again to get it under control.

    Begin taking Nystatin orally, strict zero carb, begin first nasal irrigation with saline. I recommend NeilMedn nasal rinse bottle. It’s a great design. I just pour in a little table salt to it and fill with warm water. It has been so easy to use.
    10-1-11 Fair bit of irritation, eyes red. Nasal passages seem persistently stuffed up and with constant but minor nasal drip.

    Been strict with diet and taking Nystatin orally with rare nasal irrigation of saline with Nystatin solution. Symptoms 96% gone. Breathing so much better. Feeling like winning this finally.

    Fell off wagon and eat carbs. Nasal flare up pretty much immediate. Blotchy skin returned over night.

    While reading about candida I began to wonder if there wasn’t a sinus colony. As I figure it colony could have started in sinus, then fed by stress and sugar moved into gut and been an aggravating factor in the ulcer. With diet the gut improved but the initial colony could still be in the sinus evading treatment.
    After hours of reading I have come to the conclusion that condition may be Allergic Fungal Sinusitis rather than intestinal as I had presumed.

    Devising plan to treat AFS based on the research I’ve seen. Choose not to use systemic antifungal agents owning to their low effect on superficial sinus tissue. It seems AFS can be non-invasive and existing on the surface of the mucosa only, living off the self reinforcing inflammatory products. The role of mast cells is identified and it becomes clear to me that a mast cell inhibitor and steroid are necessary ingredient.

    Created nasal solution consisting of mometasone (Flonase) added to Cromolyn / Nystatin / miconazole solution. Nasal spray started to alleviate allergy eruption within 30 minutes of dosing. Also took Allegra and psuedophed.

    Prepare Diflucan mixture. Mixture consists of fluconazole, mometasone, Cromolyn sodium and Nystatin. Calling it “Formula X”.

    Saline rinse x2, start Formula X in late afternoon. Evening yes itchy, nose dripping – wondering if I’m developing allergy to cats. Took one Allegra, 30mg psuedophed and went to bed.

    Woke with puffy eyes and one tiny red spot below right eye. Nose no longer drippy. Saline rinse and “Formual X” in AM. During day ate carbs but only in moderation.

    Skin redness between eyes diminished. Eyes a little less puffy. Red spot below right eye is gone. Noon: sinuses and nasal passages feel open, no itchy nose or nasal drip. Haven’t felt sinuses this good in a while.

    Have been eating normally for a month. No flare up of rhinitis. No asthma. No allergies. Daily routine is saline nasal irrigation BID and new diflucan nasal spray administered BID following saline. I feel absolutely normal again. Still being careful not to over due carbs. Have integrated fruit back into diet.

    About a week ago I noticed my hair thinning thinning on my head. Could it be arterial-sclerosis resultant from the rather large intake of coconut oil? Begin using minoxidil on scalp. Hair loss is noticeable (to me at least).

    I start to wonder if hair loss is secondary to use of Fluconazole. Quick web search yields many results Fluconazole associated hair loss. Have not taken spray today and will cease taking it. Switching to Cromolyn / Nystatin/ Mometasone solution only. Have already order Androcur and minoxidil oral to help offset hair loss, no idea if that will be at all effective. Losing hair right now is not an option.

    Suffice to say the the nasal cocktail seems 100% effective in bringing AFS under control. Will experiment as needed with periodic maintenance doses of fluconazole while using regular treatment with saline rinse and Cromolyn/Nystatin/mometasone spray.

    Usual treatment for AFS is to open up the sinus passages surgically. Because I have no insurance I have to treat based on what I am able to devise. There at least one polyp in the right sinus as I perceive based on air flow and a slight perception there may be something there. Prior to using Formula X that right sinus was persistently closed. For over a month it has been open but I can tell it could be better. I suspect that ultimately I’ll have to have the sinuses opened up as crucial step to long term management.

    If your eyes, nose, sinuses have been persistently involved I suggest you to see an ENT and discuss Allergic Fungal Sinusitis. Over the counter Cromolyn sodium (Nasal crom) and twice daily sinus rinses are something you can start right away.


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    It’s interesting that throughout your log from 5-1-2011 to 1-23-12, you only spoke of continually killing off portions of the infestation allowing the Candida albicans to repopulate and never once mentioned addressing the cause.



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    Have you ever tried probiotics?

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