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    It could be a specific probiotic, a natural antifungal, a prescribed medicine or even a form of exercise or diet that you find useful. Share your favorite Candida treatments with us here.

    “In health there is freedom. Health is the first of all liberties.” - Henri Amiel


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    Detox (Total Body Rapid Cleanse) + Candida diet + Candex + probiotic (Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support) worked for me. It probably took around 3 weeks to see the full effect (of it clearing up) and I have had vaginal yeast issues for over 10 years. I am now trying to find a balance in the foods I eat and I am still taking Candex (1-2/day instead of 4) and probiotic (1/day) as maintenance.


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    I tried doing the diet but didn’t have the willpower to follow it strictly. I was pretty skeptical about Fivelac but decided to give it a go. Can’t believe how much better I feel. My foggy head and fatigue that I’ve had for years is pretty much gone now after a week!


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    I am having very hard time to give up on sweets, I any tips would be appreciated,


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    Fortunately and regardless of what many dermatologists and other western medicine followers would want you to believe- All forms of yeast infection CAN be cured, permanently, holistically and using pure natural means.

    There is absolutely no need for antibiotics, Threelac, tinctures, Cellfood Oxygen, tonics, or using any harsh unnatural chemical treatments which never address the internal cause of yeast infection and can also be quite hazardous, pricey and can sometimes lead to irreversible results.

    Yeast infection is first of all, a sign of disease. Yeast infection occurs when your body is trying to communicate with you. To send you a message that something is wrong inside and should be corrected.

    In order to bring the body back into natural balance, you need to:

    1.Eliminate the ‘on the surface’ symptoms.

    2.Make specific dietary changes and optimize digestion.

    3.Strengthen your immune system and provide your body with the nutritional
    force it needs to heal itself.

    4.Detox and cleanse your system.

    5.Alkalize your system and take specific supplements in a specific order
    and rotation that kill the Candida infection and spores.

    6.Restore the natural bacterial balance in your bowels.

    7.Eliminate the environmental Candida triggers and maintain the results.

    Just like a combination on a lock, any one piece applied alone will not cure your Candida infection in most cases. It is how all the pieces work together that is crucial.

    For the holistic, step by step guide that many women have used to permanently get rid of their yeast infections naturally, please visit: cureyouryeastinfection . net


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    My first full day on my candida diet is almost finished. I still crave sweets but it’s mostly visual. When I open the fridge I see all kinds of stuff I can’t eat or drink since my husband refuses to go on my same diet. Earlier I had a spell of being completely exhausted and even took an hour nap. The only thing I have noticed was after I had my lunch my stomach was feeling different but not in a bad way. Also when I got home from work I wasn’t feeling starved as I usually do.

    I’m too thin and underweight but I’ve developed my own method after tons of research. I’m blending my detox and diet. I’ve used epsom salts in a bath last night and will do this every night for at least a week or two. I’ve begun eating garlic cloves cut in half raw. (whole is supposed to be better, but I can’t swallow it that big.) In addition I am taking some anti-fungal pills.

    I had been wondering when I need to bring in probiotics. I think after I go through my die-off period and begin to feel better is when I’ll bring in them in.

    To prevent myself from losing any weight, I’m eating nuts and hard boiled eggs in addition to all the veggies. The eggs make a great breakfast in the morning to already have ready to go. (I get up really early so It’s hard to eat at home, so I take my breakfast with me to have on my first break, when it’s still quite early.) Anyone have any other on the go foods to eat in the morning?

    Tonight my dinner was sauteed green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, green peppers, fresh garlic, black pepper in extra virgin olive oil with sunflower seeds sprinkled on when served. It was very tasty. My husband said it tasted like butter was on it, but better. ;D Olive oil is my new best friend.


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    As for the question in the first post, I’d definitely recommend you to try out sauna as it is one thing that I found especially useful when dealing with candida die off symptoms.

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