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    I wonder whether my mental symptoms are common for candida overgrowth. These are actually my worst nightmare, even though physical symptoms are extremely disturbing too. My mental symptoms:

    Social anxiety
    It’s better when I’m on fresh air or in a big room, but usually I’m unable to talk to anyone naturally. I behave like a robot, because my brain turns off. I hate looking into people’s eyes, especially when I’m talking.

    So-called laziness
    Somebody from the outside can say I’m lazy. But it’s not true. I’m sure I use more % of my energy than most of people. The problem is the lack of energy and I’m talking about both mental and physical energy. The most annoying thing is when I have to do something and I just can’t. I can’t focus on that, no matter what techniques I’m trying to use. My student times were so stressful because of that.

    I’m not there
    I don’t feel like I’m alive. There are different situations in everyday life and I just don’t feel them. Like I don’t care, but I wish to care.

    Memory issues
    I have extreme problems with short-term memory. Sometimes I cannot remember a sentence of a few words, even though I’m repeating it like crazy. And sometimes if I success with memorizing, I’m forgetting it soon.

    I don’t know who I am
    I don’t know my own value. Very often, I feel like I’m worse than others. It’s not a rational thought.

    There is huge distance between my mind and my automatic thinking
    Even though I rationally think A, I think B. Like there is another person in me.

    I’m really sure it’s all connected with what happens in my body. These symptoms are weaker when I’m in move, like riding bike. When I’m not, I usually feel like I’m going to explode and when people talk to me then, I’m frustrated and anxious at once.

    O wonder whether you guys experience the same symptoms…


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    I have/had those same experiences. For me, I didn’t know if it was Candida or not until I tried the forum cleanse & diet for a few weeks. Then, when my symptoms started to subside the first week, I listened to my body and realized that it was the sugary food that was causing anxiety, depression, brain fog, short term memory loss, mood swings, low sex drive, skin rashes & folliculitis, ADHD, nightmares, racing thoughts, chest pain, tingling feet & bottom, tooth decay, sensitivity to sunlight, etc.

    By day 4 on the cleanse, my vision improved and thoughts of fun past life experiences rushed back into my head.

    Testing the protocol diet is a good way to experiment, and it’s harmless…if you ask Able900 for a copy of it.

    His proper & safe cleanse is under his profile posts. Just look for his user name or do a search for any posts by Able.


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    I am definitely going to try cleanse this summer.

    Vision improve – I know what you mean. My problems with vision started half year ago and when I control my sugar cravings for a few days, it’s better by far. Some kind of anxiety dissapears as well, but social anxiety and other symptoms are present all the time. I think I’m extremely toxicated with candida, since I took antibiotics about 20 years ago when I was 4. I realized recently that it might be that! (plus feeding myself with lots of sugar)

    I was thinking whether it’s possible that I’m experiencing constant die-off. As I’ve written in another topic, my diet is generally good. But I feed candida with sugar and sometimes with LOTS of sugar at once. But I don’t use salt, I don’t drink anything except water etc.

    Now I have a little break of eating sugar. Today is my 3rd day with no sugar at all. It’s not much, I know. Is it normal that always during no-sugar diet I have dry and ugly (transparent) skin? And I look 5 years older than normally. 😀


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    I also had many of these symptoms. My doctor loaded me up with antidepressants and diagnosed me with PTSD. I could fake being in social situations until I made eye-contact and then…blankness. I would start a sentence and loose my way a few words into it. My memory was gone, I would do things and not remember doing them or I would recognize that a substantial amount of time had passed and I couldn’t remember it. This disconnect was incredibly disconcerting. I was tired all the time and felt like the fog around me was closing in.
    I have been doing the strict diet now for almost 6 weeks and it has been a life changer. The fog has truly lifted, my brain is sharp and my energy is over the top. I had this kind of energy about 20 years ago. Please don’t give up hope.

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