What is a good natural treatment for a rare strain of yeast?

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    Early this year, I was diagnosed with BV but I got it cured with antibiotics. A few weeks later, I started feeling itchy down there and had thick white discharge that smelled like yeast. I went back to my gynecologist and took different meds to cure it. I know one of the medications I was given is called “Fluconazole” but it didn’t help. A month later, I got a phone call from the office of my gynecologist saying that I have a rare strain of yeast and it costs $1000 to get the medication for it but my insurance won’t pay for it. The rare strain of yeast is called Candida parapsilosis species complex. I don’t even know how I got it.

    Since then, I had terrible and weird vaginal odors along with itching. I tried the boric acid treatment but it seemed like it helped a little bit but the problem came back again.

    Is there a way to cure this strain naturally? I just want this problem gone…

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