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    Its been a while since ive posted, as sometimes its hard to find motivation and when you have tried many things to only find a dead end, its hard. My other posts have been closed to replies, so ill update a little bit. Basically, I have all the standard symptoms you all have, brain fog, oral thrush, abdominal discomfort, acne, other skin disorders, skinny fat, bloating, etc…. Mine all started from a skateboard accident, which injured my left abdominal side badly and getting severe food poisoning the following day; it was a recipe for disaster. Anyway, Ive tried many supplements, diets, probiotics, enemas, etc…. Dont get me wrong, I think these are all great things to do, and some I feel def helped and others feel as if nothing happened. Getting to the point, although I am not fully healed, and cannot give a protocol that works awesome, here’s what I have learned that helped me feel better.

    (My understanding and nothing else)
    The candida diet here is designed to restrict sugar in your diet, although it is not considered a keto diet, and we know that candida can also live on ketones, its just not as optimal as sugar they say. If you have heard anything about the Carnivore diet, this is what I have been doing. Not only is it restricting the sugar, which forces the candida to switch fuel sources to a less desired one, but it also eliminates the fiber. Why is this important? Well for those with leaky gut or blood in stool, or pains beyond gas in the abdominal area etc… what we have is inflammation and some sort of injury. So eating a diet rich in fiber fills up your intestines with a bunch of bulky undigestable mass that is rubbing against the injured areas and causing more inflammation/injury to the gut. So what can we do to help ease the inflammation caused by the fiber, well lets see what its like to remove it completely. So I did, for the last several months now, for the most part, with a a few cheats here and there. We may not think about it, but eating meat like ground beef or steak, digest very easily and have no abrasive qualities to them, so they get digested quick and are soft. What I noticed is the persistent pain in my side, which I presume was an injury to my gut, as it had been there for many years, has mostly dissipated. This was progress I could feel and man what a good feeling it is. Another thing I have noticed, is that my skin has cleared up from the acne, although the rosacea is still present, which is great. I also have better mental clarity as well as a severe reduction in Anxiety. These things alone are def worth the restriction in the diet. Speaking of restriction of the diet, this Carnivore diet is basically the ultimate elimination diet, in which it removes pretty much all allergens, mainly from plants, and can help our body remove some of the built up allergens it had previously been trying to remove, but we kept eating more. I feel thats is why my skin cleared up, overload of allergens from plants, remove plants, body can focus on removing allergens and not be burdened with more. Makes sense? does to me. Oh my tongue also has cleared up a lot, I notice when I am eating just meat, my tongue is almost clear from the white coating previously never going away. I believe the elimination of the fiber was the big thing here, as it does not digest well, hence you can basically see it in your stool. However, eating this way, without fiber will do 2 things to your stool, it will make then way less bulky and way less frequent, at least for me. Does not bother me or concern me anymore, although at first it was weird only taking a dump after a 4-5 days. Its more regular now, but its kinda weird at first. This will be a tough transition for most people as it was for me, coming from a long time vegan diet, it was rough on several aspects. In the end I’m glad I did/doing it as ive seen more progress with this alone than anything else, you just have to be consistent and persistent to make it work, that is the key. Doing this has helped a ton and I will be trying to incorporate other things as, but just one at a time slowly. Up next for me will be HCL Betaine for stomach acid and we shall see how that goes. But what about anti fungals? Ill get there again eventually, but im taking it real slow this time, to see what effects things will have that can show benefit one at a time. At the moment, feeling much better doing this alone than taking anti fungals or probiotics or whatever supplement.

    I am in no way affiliated with the Carnivore diet, or anything, im just a dude on a mission to feel normal. 🙂 Wishing you all the best and good luck on your journey. I may or may not be around, but if you reply to this post in the near future, its likely I will respond. Take Care

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