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    I’m sure you all know of it, the test where you spit into a glass of water when you wake up, and if your spit floats you’re good and have no candida, if it sinks you do.

    Well i did it about 2 weeks ago and right away it started sinking and getting string, most of it settled at the bottom.

    I did it again today and it totally stayed on top, until i moved the glass, then some fell down.. anyways i hope this is a good sign.

    I am going to try it some more to get more readings of how accurate this could be.


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    Check this out about the spit test:


    I feel that it in general shows that you are unhealthy but I don’t think it is very scientific beyond that.

    Dr. Mcoomb’s also has other youtube videos and has a website where you can listen to some radio shows he was in.


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