What diet changes inflammed my gallbladder?

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    I recently tried to follow the Candida diet for 6 weeks but then i started to have gallbladder pain. I have history of sluggish gallbladder and try to flush it & my liver once a year. But I have a feeling, the high-fat and protein intake may have made my symptoms reappear faster. I want to try the full 2 month Candida diet again but want to know what I was doing wrong on this first go round.

    These are the things that i had a daily intake of (or almost daily) that i think may have aggravated my gallbladder:

    meat 1-2 times per day
    TBL of Coconut oil in my morning smoothie
    nuts for afternoon snack
    a cup of bone broth every day

    Which of the above do you think contributed to my issues the most? My naturopath thinks the nuts but she is not as versed in the candida diet as i would like. I am currently avoiding all 4 until i know for sure which is the culprit.

    Any feedback is most appreciated!


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    You can use carbs like quinoa or buckwheat and reduce the fat and protein.

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