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    Okay so here’s a rough breakdown of my story.

    Have had chronic athletes foot for over 2 years. Got a bit of chlamydia from an evil ex girlfriend, treated that with cipro last march. Retained lesions around the base of the head of my penis, which I thought were related to the chlamydia. Sat for a few months with that. Finally had a full blown epidytimis attack. Had to go to the urologist because of the pain. Was prescribed a full course of cipro and to no avail my symptoms seemed to spread. The epidytimis proper went away thankfully but I had more pain in my abdomen. The urologist a month later diagnosed me with prostatitis. Proceeded to give me an uncomfortable prostate massage to check for a certain fluid to confirm. He got some fluid but the tone in his voice led me to believe it wasn’t exactly what he was looking for. Another full course of cipro was given and my symptoms again only exacerbated. Especially noticeable to me was a swelling of my lymph node in my neck and a pressure on the left side of my face. Mainly my eye.

    It took a little research when I happened upon Candidiasis. Eureka ive found it!

    Today I visit my GP. Unfortunately my urologist was on Easter vacation from all of last week to almost all of this week. Fuckin doctors right? So I visit my GP expecting some sympathy or maybe even a eureka moment for her. I even showed off my fabulous penile thrush.
    But no. She said people with systemic yeast must be hospitalized. The symptoms are too severe to cope with. Trust me I’ve seen it working ten years in the field as well as in hospitals. She said only those with immune deficiencys tend to have it. We need to check you for HIV. Okay! Even though I had one here last year and it came back negative? Even though I haven’t been with anyone since I started feeling this way? Well if you say so doc.

    Furthermore when I started explaining my symptoms and their connection to candida overgrowth she replied: Stop reading so much!

    To say the least I am very very disenfranchised on western medicine. And with doctors in general. I started my cleanse last Friday and am powering through until the bitter end of this illness. It makes me think that there need to be specialists spreading the word to all branches of medicine. And almost; almost inspires me to become one of them. Thank you for your time


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