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    Hello everyone! I’ve been poking around the forum for a few weeks now, and I am on my 6th day of the cleanse. I thought would be nice to have some support and to be a support for others going through the same things. So here I am.

    How did I get here? It’s definitely been a long time coming. I just turned 40 this year. I had been struggling with fatigue, depression, joint pain, and headaches for quite some time now. Over the last ten years, I’d been through a lot of life changing events and thought perhaps all the stress had caused me to be sick. It was probably the thing that put it over the edge.

    I’ve known for many years that I’d had a problem with candida. Most of my early 20’s was spent struggling with chronic yeast infections. About 10 years ago, I went to a naturopath, and was told I needed to start a diet to get rid of an overgrowth of yeast. I took one look at the list of what you couldn’t eat and immediately dismissed it. There was NO WAY I was giving up on those things! I am a total junkie for potatoes, cheese, coffee, beer, CHEESE. So, time progressed, I wasn’t getting as many yeast infections, (probably because the little beasts moved elsewhere in my body), and I felt ok for awhile.

    Then all hell broke loose. In the span of two years, I bought a house, got pregnant, got engaged, filed for bankruptcy, got married, had a baby, got divorced, sold the house, moved out into a moldy apartment(reading raster’s story really put some more things into perspective), came down with Epstein Barr, started having panic attacks and diagnosed with having seizures. I was then put on some gnarly pharmaceuticals and wanted to die, took myself off of them, and yet, I have never felt good since. Boy howdy, have I felt crappy!

    It’s been almost 8 years since all that happened. I am re-married, living in a nice, mold free apartment, and my sweet baby boy is growing up. But I was still feeling horrible! Having no health insurance made it very difficult and expensive to see a doctor. I felt sick, but not enough to shell out a bunch of money just to have the doctor shrug his shoulders and tell me to come back in a week, shell out more money, then have him put me on more horrible pharmaceuticals. I finally got online and started researching some of my symptoms and stumbled on this site. That’s when the light came on!

    So, after a few weeks of research and preparation, here I am, 6 days into the cleanse. I am feeling pretty sick right now. Mostly horrendous body aches. But I know it’s a good sick, like this stagnant crap is finally moving and shaking loose. Lack of available funds made me unable to pick up any molybdenum before I started. But I have milk thistle, and Epsom salt baths to get me through.

    Thanks for letting me share, and I’ll be happy to update on my progress if anyone is interested. I’m happy to have this forum as a resource!

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