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    Hi all, I wonder whether any of you experienced that. My urine smells very weird when I “feed” my candida with sugar. I don’t know how to describe that smell, but it’s very strong. It’s kinda sour smell, like acidic… Am I in trouble?


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    Hi mazymaze,

    Yes, I did early on in my treatment. Sometimes my urine would smell what I termed “yeasty” and smelled bad. The urine would sometimes feel acidic and burn. Candida can affect your kidneys, bladder and urinary tract, as I often had severe infections that the dctors would treat with guess what? More antibiotics, which just compounded the problem with candida. This problem lessoned with continuing the candida diet and throughout my treatment with anti-fungals, probiotics, etc until it went away.

    Question: Why are you feeding your candida sugar?



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    I’ve used cranberry supplements off/on for UI infections years, prior to ever hearing of Candida and subsequently since I have been on my AC journey. Cranberry extract supplements work well but, I haven’t seen any discussion in the forum on them. ACV seems to have a similar effect as Cranberry pills; would be interested in feedback on the issue.

    Agree, think it means candida in the urine.

    Best of luck on your journey…..


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    Ran into this explanation from javizy in another post about bad smelling urine….


    Making sure you’re not in ketosis might help you sleep too. You can tell pretty easily if your pee smells bad

    Perhaps it’s worth looking into…..

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