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    is the trick to keeping weight on in the first month to up the dose of coconut oil? i feel i’ve been eating too much coconut bread(made with uh oh!-table salt! will rectify this soon) reading thru old posts is very helpful…i can’t wait to rise up to the ranks of candida expert! people who’ve gone thru a cleanse successfully-do you have any (or much)dental amalgam in your mouth? i keep thinking this might all be a bust if i don’t just bite the bullet and get dentures. when dogs/cats come near me they often smell my breath extra carefully…like ‘what’s going on in there?!?’ it’s become kind of funny to me.(animals sniffing out the problem!)..but my dentist tells me it’s not that bad.(she may be biased-as i have to load up on antibiotics before going in due to replacement hip joint, etc.) i know that tobacco smoke isn’t helping either..but i just feel like i can’t give up all vices at once.

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