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    I have lost about 15 pounds following the diet. I was probably a few pounds overweight but still only a 36/37 inch waist. Following the diet I have dropped to a 32 inch waist so most of the weight loss has come from the stomach area. I have noticed however that I now have some small rolls of flabby skin around my stomach, people will no doubt have seen the vast rolls of skin left behind when obese people lose weight and while my rolls of skin are nothing like that it is noticeable (to me anyway)

    Has anyone else suffered the same issue and also can I expect this skin to fade away/disappear?


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    I have lost 10-20 pound between when I was the most ill with candida and 10 months later (now). I lost the weight in my butt, legs, and a little in my tummy. I was 160pds before and now I weigh 135-140pds (32″ waist). I have been skinny my whole life so this isn’t a big deal to me; I know that when I get healthy…the weight will return in the proper places of my body.

    Also, in general many people out there are overweight and we all should look like the weight of our ancestors (like the egyptians in heiroglyphs, mayan temples, etc). Thats my thought anyways.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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