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    and feeling ALL alone.

    I do have a health care practitioner who has gone through this before, and she is reassuring, but she can’t hold my hand either!!! LOL!

    I just want to feel less alone.

    I have lost about 20 pounds or so; I was pleased with the first 15 pounds; the last 5 pounds I WANT BACK!

    I had massive systemic infections and was very ill, which is why I’m still on stage 1 of the diet (no grains, no starchy veggies, except winter squash)–

    no dairy . . . just chemical free chicken and wild caught salmon and free range local eggs–

    and all veggies, but the starchy ones. I also soak and dry nuts and eat them (all but peanuts and pistachios)–

    These have been approved for me, as I had no nut allergies–

    Basically, as my health improves I am getting HUNGRY!

    How do all the rest of you endure this? I have been told that though I may begin to be able to eat some fruits in a few months . . . grains are still many months away–

    I made some cookies with almond flour, glycerine and coconut oil, and they were good–

    I am tired of watching my family eat whole grain pasta and . . . rice crackers–

    I LOVE rice crackers, and I can’t have them–yet.

    I was very ill, and I am getting better but not back to ‘normal’ yet–

    I battled yeast infections beginning 35 years ago with OB/GYNs and fungicides, and they never went away–

    I am a grandmother now and . . . I am finally turning to natural means of dealing with this, but only after I had systemic infections–

    got very ill–

    I know it’s working, because my strength is coming back very . . . steadily, and all symptoms of my infections are gone–

    but how do you ‘hang on’ psychologically?

    My practitioner says I am ‘strong and brave’, but I don’t want to be brave anymore–

    I want a baked potato with sour cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (I’d take an organic baked potato and organic sour cream on that, too!)

    I was approved to use raw (organic) cream, but I can’t find it anywhere–

    raw milk products are illegal in most places–

    Anyone else out there who is going slightly bonkers–

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