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    I have very weak adrenals. I am on the diet for 2 weeks now and it seems that my body experiences enough die off from quitting sugar. I think I will be extending the 9-12 days of only diet, with one or two months, depends on when the die off gets less, at that time I will slowly add probiotics and antibiotics (SIBO).

    Anybody experience with this same situation of slow progress due to adrenal function?


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    That sounds like a good strategy. Give your body time to adjust to less sugar. If it’s too difficult, you can always eat some low sugar fruits too.


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    Hello longtime candida sufferer and recently diagnosed with SIBO as well.

    Before figuring all this out myself and I think back, my doctor specifically told me that undergoing too drastic of a diet change can do 2 things:

    Make my digestion worse in turn making me feel worse

    Sadly there are some areas you need to recognize before assuming it is die off.
    Though you make experience some, the fatigue encountered is the body adjusted to a diet change. Imagine eating carbs and sugar for years and that is how your dory makes energy. Then suddenly your eating just meat and veggies. This new diet creates a process load for the load that make us feel not so good, hence why diet changes should be done in steps and introduced slowly.

    When we stop eating a certain way we lack certain enzymes to break down food.I was super high on carb and sugar intake the minute I changed my diet I felt like crap I got sick I had diarrhea I thought I was detoxing, I was but it was more of like hurting myself than helping.

    By the time I became ill I had fallen off the ban wagon of the pursuit of good health (Holidays) and became susceptible. My immune system was down already cue in the Adrenal Fatigue and a bad diet. I crashed and burned by the time the ending of Jan 2018 came around I was carrying an EpiPen, I was having anxiety attacks after eating an was being mistaken for allergies.

    Fast forward so adrenals right? well they produce cortisol that does vital things to keep us alive, digestion, waking up, working, energy, sex drive etc.

    I wish I knew this then what I know now, but you have to treat the infection before the adrenals, you can help with detoxing to lighten up the load but the only way to heal your adrenals is to heal what ales you 1st.

    Soooo whatever changes you want to make should be done super slowly right now whether thats a diet, supplements, lifestyle etc… You can easily crash right now. I know you probably don’t want to hear this but less is more when your feeling weak your body is saying stop i can’t.

    Im in bed myself today i went to hard bombing and now I’ve got muscle aches and a stick neck feeling crappy.

    I haven’t been sick in a while but knowing now that SIBO is there and if I don’t get rid of it I will always be sick or can get sick, I got over zealous with.

    Hope this helps. Like Wiley said have some low sugar stuff and make sure your diet isn’t was is making you sick either (food intolerances)

    best of luck.

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