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    Just wanted to update people on my progress.

    I went and saw a nutritionist/phlebotomist who allergy tested me and we discovered i’m allergic to wheat, cheese and almonds.

    My canDia5 test he did showed candida was low enough to be negligible but i have leaky gut.

    As a result i decided to put my faith in him and follow his diet advice to avoid cane sugar and the allergens although i was frightened i’d get horrible candida backlash.

    As it is this did NOT happen, last 3 days i’ve been having cartons of juice, bacon, potato, diebetic ice-cream, milk, pork sausages, nando’s chicken, mushrooms, cream, every fruit under the sun …………..

    I just wanted to say I don’t blame anyone but myself for putting myself in a position where i was on a restrictive and nutritional unsound diet for nearly 2 years- we all know that and take responsibility for that individually.

    The reason I am writing this is to tell people to make sure it is candida!

    It was all very logical- i had yeast infections diagnosed in my anus and throat- the candida diet cleared up some of my muscle pain and horrific skin problems, i got horrible die-off from anti-fungals etc. and when i cheated my symptoms came back- so naturally I thought it’s candida. I put 2 and 2 together and got it wrong.

    Please if you have been struggling for years with no let up, make sure you are right, get a reliable test and see a professional even if it’s just once.

    Ultimately with the supplements I will no longer have to take and the expensive special foods i no longer need i have in the long term made a solid financial investment despite the treatment being very expensive. More important i can move forward with my life now and go back to college and eventually work.

    My specialist is helping me with my CFS/cfids which i’ve had for 18 years, if we make progress on this his work will have been priceless and the bargain of my life.

    Be sensible and learn from my mistakes and i wish you all the best of luck on your journeys to good health! D:

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