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    Hello everyone,

    My wife and I have just started the cleanse phase of our war on candida (we are doing it together because we both show various different symptoms, especially since we were on antibiotics for a fair bit of time while traveling in Asia several years back). Just over 24 hours in, she is fine but I’m experiencing a severe case of nausea and vomiting. Is it possible that this is a symptom of die-off happening to me already? Or is it more likely a reaction to what I’m putting into my body?

    I should state that I have a very fast metabolism; I typically cannot fast for any length of time because I go into a hypoglycemic crash — I get very lethargic and my brain fogs over. So I saw doing the cleansing fast as a challenge that would be difficult for me. After watching the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” we decided to incorporate juicing into our general diet, and use it as part of our cleanse (we intended to just do juice for the long holiday weekend, and start incorporating solids back in tomorrow evening). Just got the juicer, and started using it yesterday when we began our cleanse. We started the juice fast yesterday afternoon after a last solid meal in the morning. I was OK last night and this morning; this afternoon things really started to get difficult, with lethargy and general feeling of malaise. And suddenly as of about 5pm, I’m tossing my cookies — figuratively; I haven’t cheated at all, really!

    Here’s what I’ve eaten since yesterday morning:

    Yesterday, 10am: A detox drink with psyllium power and bentonite clay (I subsequently read the post on this forum about these being bad, and have stopped them)

    Noonish: A 2-egg omelette with pork, cup of orange juice, various vitamins and other usual supplements — using up some leftovers in the interest of not wasting expensive food

    5pm: First pint of green juice (lemon, lime, celery, cucumber, green pepper, kale, chard, parsley, green onion, ginger, garlic)

    10pm: A detox drink as recommended in this forum, of lemon juice (juiced a whole lemon, rind and all) in water, plus a milk thistle and vitamin C w/bioflavonoids

    Today, 10am: Another lemon juice detox drink

    11am: Pint of green juice

    12-3pm: Several pints of club soda with lime (hey, you go to a bar to watch football, you have to buy something even if you’re on a cleanse, right?)

    4pm: Detox drink, this time with lime

    5pm: Quarter cucumber with salt, because I was getting so hungry I couldn’t stand it any longer

    And shortly thereafter, suddenly I got nauseous and threw up for the first time. It was very acidic, with the lime juice clearly in evidence (sorry to get graphically gross). Feeling the need to settle my stomach, I then drank about 4oz of whole milk (organic, grass-fed, raw), and threw up again in fairly short order. Since then I haven’t ingested anything but water and a bit of peppermint tea (supposed to be good for settling the stomach), but am continuing to throw up despite having nothing in my stomach.

    So I know it might be impossible to answer this question, but is this most likely a reaction to the intensity of the juice (I should think if it was, the vomiting would have ended when the offending substance was expelled)? Or is it possible that I am already experiencing candida die-off? I have no other symptoms besides weakness; no fever or aches or anything. Of course, it could also be just a totally coincidental stomach virus.

    If anyone with more experience in this could give me an opinion, I’d be grateful. Could this be related to the cleanse, just over 24 hours into it, considering my fast metabolism? My wife, incidentally, isn’t experiencing anything other than hunger-related lethargy.

    Thanks very much,



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    Hello, and welcome to the forum.

    I’m afraid I have no way of knowing for certain what is causing your sickness since there are so many possibilities considering your explanation in the post. I know that psyllium can cause nausea, vomiting, and/or stomach pain.

    Both nausea and vomiting “can” be symptoms of die-off although rarely. These as well as other die-off symptoms are your body’s reaction to the toxins/poisons being released by dying Candida. Both you and your wife should be taking Molybdenum for the die-off toxins which are dangerous to your body and especially the liver. If you decide to get these, purchase a pill form instead of liquid, 250 mcg each and take up to three a day for the symptoms and to cleanse the liver. Having a sauna or soaking in a tub of hot water (long enough to produce perspiration) can also help to wash out the toxins. Most importantly, drink LOTS of water which will also wash the toxins from your body. Don’t take the die-off symptoms lightly as they are dangerous to your body’s health just as much as the Candida is.

    Instead of drinking milk, simply drink the peppermint tea when you feel nauseous since the milk will feed the Candida. Chamomile and ginger teas also contain nausea-fighting, properties.

    It may help if you add steamed vegetables to your detoxing program because of your metabolism. Steamed fresh vegetables would be acceptable during the detox period.

    Juicing is a perfect idea; doing this throughout your treatment will be beneficial to the treatment.

    Quote: Several pints of club soda with lime (hey, you go to a bar to watch football, you have to buy something even if you’re on a cleanse, right?)

    Reply: Water with lime juice would have been a better choice since club soda is carbonated; carbonated water is just one more toxin for the liver to deal with during the Candida infestation, not to mention that it was counter-active to the detox process.

    You mentioned salt; what type of salt are you using? Check the ingredients.

    Let us know if you have other questions, and good luck to both you and your wife.



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    I think the main reason you are vomitting is because you are doing the psyllium husk and clay cleanse, which is not recommended because it can cause internal bleeding. You should consider a different alternative and safer cleanse such as the one mentioned at the following link:


    Also check out the protocol for a general good treatment plan:


    Are you juicing with fruits? Fruits contain sugar and are not allowed on the cleanse or the diet.



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    Hello Able and Raster, thanks so much to you both for all of the time you spend dispensing advice on this forum. It’s deeply appreciated.

    I knew when I asked that the question couldn’t be answered for certain since there are too many variables involved. Fortunately, after a good night’s sleep and not putting anything more into my stomach, I woke up yesterday feeling fine. So whatever it was seems to have worked its way out of my system. Perhaps it was the psyllium, Raster, though that was only one teaspoon taken over 24 hours before the vomiting, and I had used the bathroom several times earlier in the day on Sunday. At this point, I tend to think that since I was already feeling weak and my stomach was empty and angry about it, the lime juice detox drink (for which I juiced the whole lime, rind and all) was probably just too much acidity to handle.

    Also, Raster: Yes, I am following the protocol, but I didn’t find it on Saturday until after we’d already had the detox drink with the psyllium/clay.

    Able: I got molybdenum and we have been taking it since yesterday. And, the milk was strictly an emergency measure I resorted to with the vomiting — clearly it didn’t help, as it exited my body the way it came in relatively short order!

    The salt I use is Hain iodized sea salt. It does contain a very small amount of dextrose, but I looked it up and it’s only .04%, which is pretty miniscule. Doubt this would be a problem?

    We have now taken to eating eggs and raw, steamed, roasted or lightly sauteed (grapeseed oil only, not butter) vegetables, and supplementing it with 1-2 pints of green juice (Raster: no fruits other than lemon/lime). We really wanted to try to do a total juice fast, but I just don’t think my body is cut out for it, and I know to listen to what my body is telling me it needs (except for the beer and bratwurst it really wanted during the game on Sunday…). It’s still not easy, but I know it’s temporary.

    I have some other food-related questions, but I’ll post them in a separate topic. Thanks again.


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