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    I’m getting a shopping list ready for vitamins and minerals and have a few questions.

    Magnesium citrate (NOW brand) 500 mg (Is this okay?)
    Bought for future: Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium (500-500-99 mg) (Country Life Brand)

    Mineral supplement

    What should be in such “mineral supplement”? The health food store had a product called “ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops” made from the water of the Great Salt Lake in Utah. I did not buy it. What’s a product that would fit the description of mineral supplement, or should I stick with the liquid kelp product?

    Also, it seems I’ve read on this site about some product that has vitamins A and D already in it – cod liver oil, maybe? Must it be fermented or not?




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    Well i guess you shouldn’t go for these kind of supplements if you are gonna spend money on them try to buy natural food which is good for you body and contains a lot of minerals like Red meat,Fish,eggs,fruits,vegetables,milk they all can help you in gaining what you need.They have no side effects.Always prefer natural.


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    Here’s our vitamin list:

    For a mineral supplement, I would look at gettin solgar’s calcium, magnesium, and zinc all in one vitamin. I would also look at selenium and iodine.

    I mentioned fermented cod liver oil a few times on the forum and this has natural ratios of vitamins A and D. You won’t be able to purchase this at most vitamin stores.


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