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    1) Can’t find a good Ca/Mg/Zc vitamin. I went to vitamin shoppe and all the Ca/Mg/Zc combo supplements have some form of cellulose. Some say derived from soy as well.

    2) I am taking bio zinc from solaray and it says in the “other ingredients” that there is whole rice concentrate

    3) Vitamin Shoppe allicin garlic 6000 has some forms of cellulose in it also

    4) Solaray Capryl also has cellulose in it

    5) Vitamin Shoppe Omega 3 fish oil 800EPA / 500 DHA says it contains soy.

    Any advice?

    If anyone could give me the exact vitamin and product name I should get that would be great!
    Thanks in advance


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    1) I think the amount of cellulose found in those vitamins are negligable amounts…the cellulose found is very often what the capsule is made out of. I wouldn’t worry too much unless it is one of the top ingredients listed. The “nature’s way” brand is a better one because it only has cellulose as a bad ingredient.

    2) I would stop the bio zinc because it contains rice and “other ingredients.” Who knows what the other ingredients contain? The solgar brand is an alternative as an example.

    3/4) Read #1

    5) I would get a non-vitamin shoppe brand of fish oils; the carlson laboratories is one of the best brands. They even have a liquid fish oil that you can take that isn’t in a capsule.

    Hope this helps. The vitamin shoppe brands contain the most “junk” ingredients typically and finding one without these is sorta tough.

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