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    I’ve been reading this forum for the last 5 months but haven’t posted much so here goes 🙂

    I first want to say thank you to all of you for all the amazing information and genuine care for one another.

    I’m 28 now and don’t really know when I contracted my candida infestation my symptoms started getting bad when I constantly got yeast infections and my allergies got worse every year. I would go to the gyno and be prescribed oral medication, creams, difflucan (fluzocane) etc… I would be told that I was wearing my pants too tight or that I was using the wrong laundry detergent I heard every reason under the sun except DIET. Within the past 3 years I have seriously started doing my own research on what exactly is wrong with me. I have always been lactose intolerant so I decided to go vegan. My bloating and sinus infections stopped. Then I went vegan and Gluten free lots of my symptoms subsided, I also started going to the bathroom at least once a day which I had NEVER done (my movements were always 3 to 5 days apart) However I developed MAJOR acne which has recently gone down in the last 8 months when I became a vegan gluten free raw foodist. Today I still get sever bloating (I never know when it’s coming or what exactly triggers it) dizziness, fatigue, muscle pain mood swings, no libido itchy skin the list goes on.

    I started your safe and proper cleanse in March for 10 days then went on to Able and Raster’s Strict diet. The fist couple moths were rough because I work full time and I am involved in physical movement theatre, I also dance and do aerial silk and hoop. There were times I was in tears because I didn’t have any strength or concentration to perform. after about 3 months on the diet and protocol the severe brain fog started to lift slightly but I was still getting stomach bloating and itchy skin I stopped getting my menstrual cycle after the first month and I had gone from 5’6 and 135lbs to 115 so I went to see a naturopath. I did some blood and saliva testing and found high cortisol levels at night and low T3. I started taking Amour Thyroid and pregnenolone my Estradiol, progesterone, Pg/E2 were all low. Which I figured they would be since hormonal imbalance is a symptom of candida. I started to gain weight after starting the hormones and I started having stronger carbohydrate and protein cravings. Within the last month I cheated with almonds, brown rice, quinoa, processed crackers and I had some cake at a party. I felt worse then ever so I decided to go back to the drawing board and start over. I have just completed day 4 of the gentle and safe cleanse and have a few questions.

    *I continued to take the hormone supplements during the cleanse with no problem my menstrual cycle still has not returned should I continue taking them? are they feeding candida?

    *Before the cleanse I had introduced coconut flour and buckwheat into my diet and I was doing well when I didn’t overeat. Can I introduce them or should I follow from the beginning to the T? I am asking because I need more energy somehow 😕

    *should I wait the recommend time to start antifungals or can I start them right away since I was taking them before? I was using Raw virgin coconut oil and garlic pills I also went thru a bottle of SF722.

    *should I wait the recommend time to start taking my pro biotic again or introduce them right away? I was taking the Megaflora with DDS-1 that was recommended.

    Supplements I took during my 3 day cleanse:
    Moly Acid Chelate 250mcg
    Nettle Herb
    Vit C 100 mg
    Amour Thyroid

    Supplements I plan on adding back into my regimen
    Vitamin D3

    I think that’s enough typing for now lol I’d like to keep this thread open as a means to report my progress. The one thing I regret not doing on my first attempt at this diet was not posting and asking for advice.

    thank you thank you thank you!!!


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    You don’t have to start over and do the cleanse because the cleanse doesn’t kill that much of the candida. You just need to restrict your diet and maybe take some better supplements. You might need a different treatment plan than what your naturopath has decided and/or what the protocol provides.

    I talked to my naturopath about hormones and he does not use them whatsoever and thinks that there are some better alternatives. Its up to you on whether to use them or not, but they could be significantly affecting your treatment and I would look at this further.

    If you haven’t tried HMF neuro I would consider this as your next probiotic. Its the most effective one my opinion.

    I wouldn’t consume any supplements on the clenase other than liver protecting ones. The hormones are up to you on the cleanse, I don’t know much about them myself.



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    Raster, I haven’t tried HMF neuro yet, and need to buy a new bottle of probiotics. Can you please post a link to the brand that you buy? I see that there are options such as powders, caps, FOS, NO FOS, etc… Thanks so much!


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    Thanks for the reply Raster! I have been taking the hormones for a month and recently got my cycle back after posting this so I’m excited about that! I hope that they are not ruining my treatment :/ I’m planning on finding a different naturopath that knows more about candida. Thanks for the probiotic recommendation.

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