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    I have been on the strict diet over 2 months. Last 2 weeks i feel tired all the time – sleep 10-12 hours. I also have lot of anxiety, depression and irritiablity. I am completely exhausted and not have energy to do anything. Currently I am working only one day in a weel. I would like to work a full time soon. I stopped taking antifiungals for about 10 days. I just got my blood test done..the results are:
    Iron: 29
    Thyroid: 7.03 ( should be less than 5)
    Vitamin D: 64

    My doctor did not recommend me thyroid pill yet.

    I take these vitamin supplements:
    Vit C 2000-3000mg
    Molybodyenum amino acid chelate
    Milk thistle
    Kelp (iodine)- the nature’s way that consists all other minerals -660mg
    Penthnoic acid
    Magnesium and zinc
    Vitamin e

    I do take sauna once or twice a week, and do hot bath with Epsom salt once in a week. Plz let me know if I am doing anything wrong. How can I get more energy? Thanks.


    Topics: 14
    Replies: 29

    I have been eating lemon coconut and buckwheat cake for more than a week. I added stevia sugar in it. I wonder if stevia could be causing this problem. Well I can test this by not eating it for a couple of days.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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