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    I have been the diet for about two weeks. I have done the diet before but I definately had it worse than I ever before I started the diet. Just yesterday starting getting dizzy spells and last night in the middle of the night I fainted. All day I have had numerous dizzy spells but have not fainted. It feels like vertigo as it is described. Has anyone else had this experience especially after two weeks of being on the diet. I did cheat twice with coffee. And half a drink last night, vodka. Never have felt this way before just trying to get some insight on this


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    cameron, I had the same extreme fatigue and dizziness for about 2 weeks, definitely felt worse than when I started before I improved. I stayed mostly in bed 3-4 days during those first 2 weeks and doing the simplest things were taxing. I would say now I am better than where I was now (past a month now) but have a ways to go.

    However this is a diet where you just cannot cheat at. The more you keep cheating, the longer you prolong your recovery and lengthen the illness. If you keep drinking caffeine you won’t get over your body’s dependency on it, and alcohol is just a big no for the candida diet.

    Good luck!


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    Thank you for your response. It is such a strange feeling that everytime you stand up dizzy. Not very fun. Has anyone out there ever fainted on the diet?


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    I had been taking most of the ‘bad’ things out of my diet for a good few weeks but have been doing the diet properly for about a week now and I have dizzy spells when I stand up as well.

    I got the odd dizzy spell as one of my candida symptoms. I think it may be a pre cursor for die off symptoms. It could also be a sign of dehydration and as you need to drink lots of water to help flush out the toxins etc I would suggest upping your intake of water.


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    One way to reduce or completely eliminate die off symptoms is to sweat 6 days a week in a sauna, steam room, or hot tub. Read my mucoid post if possible. You can join 24hr fitness and use their sauna room for a cheap monthly rate (as an example and if you can afford it); but sweating those toxins out can really help you feel better faster.

    On a side note: I dunno if I’d do this if you are having fainting spells (could make it worse), but maybe at the least consider taking a hot bath at night with some salt.

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