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    Hi there. I have had vertigo for about 15 years and itchiness all over for about 10. I have other symptoms as well and am positive that Candida is the source of all these issues. I have been on the diet now for almost 3 weeks.
    The vertigo has been less frequent and last week was a great week without fatigue and brain fog however the vertigo has returned.
    I suspect that the die off also exacerbates symptoms and since I am extremely constipated , the die off is not leaving my system as quickly as it should be. I tried the bentonite shake with MCT oil and psyllium but it made me vomit after 3 times. I am now thinking about using Miralax (polyethylene glycol solution) to help rid my gut of the problem. My understanding is that once the bowels are working properly then the die off symptoms will decrease.
    Does anyone experience vertigo? constipation? What has worked for you?
    My diet is very strict, organic chicken, broccoli,cauliflower,avocado,asparagus,lettuce,cucumber,zucchini,olive oil & fresh herbs.
    Any feedback would be welcome.


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    I also had constipation, but since starting to use coconut kefir, and gradually increasing the dose, the constipation has almost gone, and only happens very occasionally. My fatigue has only improved slightly, as have the other symptoms,but I have had them for decades, so it is going to take some time.


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    Hi Jomel,

    I did experience Vertigo (Not really full vertigo) but extreme tightness behind right ear and felt unsteady all the time for about 4 yrs. I recently discovered Candida and I have completed 2 months on the diet and there has been superb improvements in my symptoms.

    I eat lot of veggies and no meat / egg when I used to get mildly constipated (which was rare). If I did not poop for more than 36hrs, I would probably overeat fiber rich Veggies and it worked.


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    Only just discovered this but I’ve had vertigo and other symptoms for a couple of years now.

    Doctors have been utterly useless, I must have been thirty times. They prescribed mirtazapine at first which I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, then sertraline which seemed to make me worse.

    Whilst I haven’t read about Candida before this evening it seems as though I’ve been gravitating towards something similar to the diet, except my rather extreme need for lots of sugary tea. I’ve literally been housebound for 2 years drinking endless cups of tea.

    Some people seem to call it brain fog rather than vertigo but it certainly made World of Warships more realistic, in fact for many months that’s pretty much all I could do to feel normal as imagining I was on a boat with the rhythmic rocking in my head seemed to help. Sometimes my insomnia was so bad I would be awake for 2 days or more before I could sleep. The worst times were whilst I was only eating 99p frozen pizzas from the corner shop, a complete hermit and did I mention the sugary tea?

    So a semi diet without any knowledge of such does seem to have helped a bit but it’s still very much there. Will try the full diet and see…

    And back to the doctors though expecting to be laughed at…

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