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    I’d like to try the candida diet, but I’m concerned about my proteins in stage 1 because I don’t eat meat or eggs. I understand that beans and tofu are to be avoided, but I feel that I would need one or the other in stage 1 as a protein source. Is there a lesser of these two evils, beans and tofu? Which would it be less worse for me to eat in stage 1?



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    Hi Christine,

    I’m vegan and have been on the diet for 4 weeks, but not the version that seems to be used on this website. The difference seems to be that I can have beans, although not soy. I based my general diet on the suggestion booklet that came along with a candida cleanse regimen I bought, and this is what is recommended.

    If you are concerned about eating soy and beans, you should seek out protein in nuts, nut butters, and quinoa and amaranth. I’ve been going through a large jar of almond butter and a small jar of macadamia nut butter each week. I’m getting a lot more protein on this diet than I was before when I was paying less attention.

    To get an idea of the kinds of things I’ve been eating, have a look through my blog. No pictures sadly, but lots of suggestions for vegans!

    I should add that I’ve experienced improvements in my condition – eczema is totally gone (amazing!), mild yeast infections gone, mild digestive issues largely gone. Here’s hoping it stays that way! Best of luck to all vegetarians and vegans approaching this diet. It’s a huge challenge to begin, but can be a really positive experience.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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