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    kristie’s hope
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    OK – so I’m miserable and overwhelmed.
    I don’t like meat or eggs or dairy… I wish there was some type of recipes I could use that were strict but vegan?????????? any help would be greatly appreciated. And I’d be stage 1, day 1 and want to be strict to get rid of candida before I give birth in August.

    And how long do we have to stay on strict diet to get relief???


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    First things first. All of this info at once *can* be really overwhelming. Take a deep breath. Start to make a few changes that are easier (like no sweeteners) and just learn a little at a time. It’s okay if you make gradual changes and aren’t really on the “strict” diet 100% until two weeks from now or so. In fact, some people think it’s better to make gradual changes as then the yeast begins to die off gradually as well, and you don’t wind up with lots of symptoms from die-off. Take a little time to adjust – stress isn’t good for you or your baby, even if the changes you’re going to be making are positive ones. Ease into it a bit, and try to find a pace that works well for you. Maybe a goal of being on the diet strictly, say, 2 to 2.5 weeks from now would be good to keep in mind.

    Okay, I answered a few of your posts already, *before* I realized you were going vegan, too. It sounds to me like you’re going to need to add legumes to your anti-candida diet. Even though they are not included in the “Foods to Eat” list for Stage 1 on this site, they are included as “Foods to Eat Freely” in other candida diets. I’d say maybe 3-4 servings a week for you, just to keep your protein and calories up enough for pregnancy. I had beans in my taco salad tonight. They are good for baby, and in moderation, will not cause great concern carb-wise. Maybe on bean days you can cut back a bit on whole grains to keep overall carbs low (?). Don’t nix all grains completely while preggie, though. Especially going vegan.

    A few ideas: taco salad made with romaine, beans, avocado, Herdez salsa. Veggie soups with brown rice. Stir fry seasoned with sesame oil, garlic, onion, ginger and (if you’re doing soy) Bragg’s Aminos. You could potentially make falafel, again, if you’re using beans and soy. Rice pilaf with tons of veggies stirred in. You could make a fried brown rice with diced onion, celery, dikon, and maybe peppers in sesame or almond oil. (Oh, that reminds me – I totally eat raw almonds on this diet. All the time! They haven’t been a problem for me and they really help me get the needed extra calories/protein/calcium for Baby.) I started making veggie sushi rolls lately, with brown short grain rice. I like red pepper, avocado, and cucumber as filling. I’m not soing soy right now, so I just season mine with sea salt, pure wasabi, and garlic.

    I like almond butter or sunflower butter on celery for a mid-morning snack. Once I got past weeks 3-4, I started adding in Trader Joe’s plain unsweetened organic rice milk, too, just for the extra calories and calcium. I didn’t have trouble, but it’s naturally sweet and I wouldn’t advise it in the first few weeks.

    Do any of these help? Trying alternative whole grains seems like it would be really important for you, as well as adding in some beans and seeds like pumpkin or sunflower and almonds. Best wishes!!!

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