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    I’m a vegan and need to find some recipe books or advice on controlling my candida overgrowth.

    It seems all the ‘dinner’ recipes include a meat of some sort, or dairy.

    I have IBS, psoriatic arthritis, unending gas [which my wife just loves :(] and allergies to gluten and hot spices. Probably more allergies but I can’t afford to be tested.

    Any help would be great, thanks!



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    I’m interested in what you normally eat other than vegetables, fruit, and dried beans? Tofu, soy milk, nuts?

    The Candida diet doesn’t, or at least shouldn’t include any type of dairy products at all so even if you weren’t vegan, you wouldn’t eat those.
    If I were a vegan I’m sure I’d obtain most of my protein source from dried beans, nuts, and the higher-protein-content vegetables. For example, being a vegan yourself, I’m sure you’ve already learned that spinach is 30% protein. But on a Candida diet you really shouldn’t eat dried beans during the first several weeks. I’d imagine that soy milk may also be on your regular diet, if so, this is something that you want to stop having, that includes any type of soy product.

    It doesn’t matter that you can’t eat gluten; products containing gluten such as wheat shouldn’t be eaten if you have Candida anyway. If you eat nuts, eat almonds and only sparingly as many people receive a Candida symptom reaction from any type of nut. Also soaking them overnight in water will remove most of the mold if they contain any at all.

    Did you get the allergies before or after the Candida?


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