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    I have to confess I am now completely confused.

    The more websites I read the more confused I get. I don’t even know if I have this for a start… then there are so many sites out there saying to eat different foods and live to different regimes.

    Yes, sugar is baad, but one site says raw food is best, the one I just read said I MUST cook leafy veg for 40 mins!!!! bleaurgh!!!

    Some say cut out coffee completely, some say black coffee is ok.
    Most say no dairy, but some then encourage you to eat live yogurt!!!
    The one that wants you to kill your veg also says that most of the anti-fungals are wrong and you should only use coconut oil.

    How is a noob like me supposed to make sense of all this!?!?!?


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    Defintely raw food is helpful for candida. Have both cooked and raw veggies and see how it goes.
    Just think veggies and lean meats and you will feel better soon. Oreganol Oil, coconut oil, and olive leaf extract have help me a lot.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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