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    Hello Able, Raster, & members, I hope all is well. I went to my urologist for UTI symptoms. No infection present in my urine, but a slight imbalance/blood. They think it could be a bladder or prostate problem, and prescribed Cipro for 2 weeks and AZO for urethra pain relief. I looked up AZO online, and it contains corn starch.

    We talked about the antibiotic Ampicillin, but the doc said it’s given in IV form. I told him about by my Candida diet and he seemed empathetic. He wrote a 2 week scrip for Cipro, and said I could take it for just 1 week and see if the symptoms were gone.

    Note, I did not contract my infestation from the use of antibiotics. I became very ill 2 years ago, bed ridden, and this infestation came on very suddenly as a result of my illness. I’ve never experienced such a drastic switch in my body during 2 points in the last 2 years – first time 2 years ago when this all suddenly happened, and then the 2nd time when I started the cleanse a month ago and finally felt my normal faculties coming slowly back to life. Weird.

    I told him I just started homemade Kefir yesterday, along with Vit A (4,000 mg), Juniper berries (6/day), and Cranberry Extract (2/day).

    It’s just a dull discomfort in my urethra right now that comes and goes, along with a slow stream and urgent need to urinate throughout the day.

    I currently take a big tablespoon of coconut oil 3-4 times a day. I’m working my way up to more day by day. Is it fine to take coconut oil by the tablespoon as opposed to small teaspoons?

    My first probiotic, Innate Response – Flora 20-14, is in “shipping soon” mode via Amazon.

    I’m wondering what to do. Should I hold off on taking the Cipro & AZO and wait and see how the infection progress while just taking the kefir, vit A, juniper, cranberry?

    Also, great news for my journey. I’ve found a local doctor that subscribes to Candida and the diet. A colleague whose wife battled Candida referred me to him. I have my first appointment this Thursday. My colleague’s wife says he recommends supplements to boost the immune system, prescribes Nystatin if necessary, etc. I intend to stay strictly on the forum protocol that I adopted a month ago. But it helps with friends and family that I’m talking with a professional during this treatment.

    Either way, I will wait to add any antibiotic or supplement about the UTI issue until I’ve gathered more information from him and this forum.

    Thanks everyone for your help!



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    Hi ya, Titan.

    Cipro doesn’t make sense when you consider that it’s used for bacterial infections, and your doctor says you don’t have a urinary tract infection. You wrote that they thought it might a bladder or prostate problem. Do you know if he meant a bladder or prostate infection?

    Do you know when the probiotic is supposed to arrive? If it’s going to be over three days, I would purchase the strongest probiotic I could find from a local vitamin store and start taking it before starting the Cipro. Of course drink as much of the kefir as you want to as that will definitely help.

    currently take a big tablespoon of coconut oil 3-4 times a day. I’m working my way up to more day by day. Is it fine to take coconut oil by the tablespoon as opposed to small teaspoons?

    Sure, if you can handle it. I think I know a lady who is going to feel a little ill when she reads that, and probably a little envious of you as well. Susansl66, are you reading that?


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    I had testicular and bladder pain for a couple years. Treated with abx including cipro. I saw a urologist, had an ultrasound, they couldnt find anything . It wasng expected but the last time I lived the candida lifestyle (plus antifungals and other supps) after 5 months the pain went away.

    Besides, cipro has a lot of nasty side effects .

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