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    Okay, I’m new to the forum, and sooo desperate for some insight about my case. Here is what happened.

    I’ve been sick for years, acne, rounds of antibiotics, allergies, sinus infections, yeast infections, many symptoms of candida. I never had rashes or oral thrush (I don’t even really know what it would look like!)
    2 years ago I started making Kefir and being very particular about increasing my probiotic intake to cure my IBS and lactose intolerance. I’ve also always been “hypoglycemic” and very hungry and LOVE sweets (but not TOO much.)
    3 months ago I FINALLY made the connection that I have Candida! I felt so empowered and wanted to change my diet to cure it. I began research but did not pursue curing it aggressively (assuming I even HAVE candida.)

    A year ago I fell in love with a Ukrainian whom I will marry next year who started opening up my eyes to all kinds of natural remedies widely used in Ukraine. One thing he gave me was bee propolis (raw, in a solid chunk in a baggie – straight from a beekeeper) and beeswax (same form) that I was to use as a breathing treatment for the sinus infection. His family has always used it and it works great! So, I tried it months ago, to no avail because I wasn’t consistent.
    Two weeks ago, I got a cold that turned into an unbearable sinus infection and I started up the bee propolis breathing treatment. Then it occurred to me that if I could BREATH it for its antibiotic properties, then could I orally consume it? Well, YES! I researched it and found out how to do it, but not quite how much to take, and started right away 4 days ago freezing it and grinding it to powder and consuming about 2 – 3 tsps a day (can’t really even say how much, i was grinding up odd sized chunks and not really measuring it.) I consumed it in kefir shakes and also in capsules (which I have used for grapefruit seed extract many many times – to no avail with candida apparently.)
    WELL, within 24 hours, my sinus infection was ON THE MOVE (catch my drift?) I was elated!! It worked!! I went to bed happy and cozy on my saturday night…. UNTIL!!!
    SUNDAY MORNING!!! I woke up with TERRIBLE Flu like symptoms!! I was in soo much pain, body ache, probably a fever, but my thermometer was broke (Too many details, yes.) I was so upset and depressed that I was ONCE again sick, and HOW?? I knew that Propolis was ALSO antiviral from all my research on it… Then it occurred to me. Is this die-off????
    I have read that propolis is antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial and antiparasitic, but with very very few documented cases in the states… and it seems people in Ukraine don’t flock to forums like us. They just DO what their grandmother did and they stay healthy!
    At any rate, I pushed through aggressively with the treatment and literally wanted to DIE!! 2 days of terrible die-off.

    I must mention my other treatments at this point:
    My regular supplements intake:
    Alive multivitamin
    HUGE dose of mg B-2 (riboflavin) for migraines (just started that a month ago and has worked WONDERS!!)
    HUGE dose of Magnesium (also for migraines)
    vitamin C

    My increased supplement intake once I realized I had die-off:
    liquid echinechea (for immunity)
    psyllium husk (for colon cleansing)
    bentonite clay liquid (for cleansing)
    milk thistle
    molybdendum (still not sure if this is necessary)

    Moving onto today when I woke up last night and my aching was GONE, my sinuses were really draining the nasty stuff, and I had a BAD BAD headache. I assumed this was like “stage 2” of die-off… but overall, I feel SOOOOO much better!!

    So, this is really long, but I guess anyone who has gone through this also feels alone and confused when you really hate doctors because they don’t really help you anymore and ON TOP OF IT, I CANNOT find ANY information that really helps me to know how to proceed with this Propolis treatment. I mean, I know it is working at SOMETHING (I even thought it was killing parasites, which I believe in, due to my stool, but my mom the nurse says the picture looks just like mucous, not worms.) She also said I probably had an over-crowded dirty gut and the cleansing is really cleaning it up… but that doesn’t imply worms.

    I would really appreciate any thoughts. I’m also wanting information about consuming my homemade kombucha that LITERALLY was ready for the first time the DAY the die off started! I KNOW in my GUT that the kombucha and kefir are what I need MORE than those probiotic pills, but I’m afraid because of the “advice” all over the internet.

    Thank you if you have read this far!


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    Well it sounds like you are detoxing toxins via the lungs as opposed to via the bowels or via the skin. We all detox differently, but it’d be good to consider detoxing via the skin or bowels/liver. A great way to detox via the skin is by sweating in a sauna, hot tub, steam room, or sauna. This should take the load off you lungs. Same if you take more liver supplements. You can completely reduce die-off by sweating alone.

    I highly recommend taking as much liver supplements as possible to protect your liver from the die-off. You are taking milk thistle, but there are more out there. It takes a long time to heal the liver from my experience.

    The psyllium can cause internal bleeding and we do not recommend it on the forum. The powdered version of psyllium might be better.

    One thing you likely will notice is that your migraines will improve or go away. Inflammation of the brain is tied to the inflammation of the gut, so if you reduce the inflammation of the gut, your migraines should improve or go away. This can be done via an anti-inflammatory organic candida diet. If you are still eating GMO foods, this can cause migraines as well. Fermented cod liver oil is a great anti-inflammatory and this can likely help improve your migraines in time.

    What is your diet like?

    Almost everyone has candida and parasites, we just have them at different levels. If you have candida you likely have parasites as well but just are unaware of it; parasites are very opportunistic like candida.


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