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    I have been suffering from urinary tract infection for more than 10 days. I tried d-mannose, cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar. They have given me some relief but not curing completely. In the past, whenever I used to have UTI those remedies would help me lot but not anymore. I am even taking acidophilus & bifidus probiotic. This time, I even have pain under my left rib, lower left abdomen and Lowe back. I also have pain in my stomach.

    Please share with me if anyone had this issue and was able to cure it. Thanks


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    I had a very bad bladder infection a month ago. Doctor gave me cipro for five days, did not cure me. I took D mannose , three capsules wirh one glass of water and 45 mi utes later two glasses of water or three if you can drink three. I repeated this every three hours. I kept doing this for four or five days. Second and third day I felt worse but didn’t give up because I didn’t have other option. The 4th day I started to feel better. I think the secret with D mannose is to take it and wait 45 minutes so d mannose attaches to the walls of the bladder and later when drink more water it helps to flush out all bacteria. I hope this helps. I know bladder infections are painful. I wish you feel better soon. Also I read that the powder works better than capsules.


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    Hello Deep,

    I think you should check it out with a doctor,
    sometimes UTIs can spread to the kidneys and require medical attention.


    Best of luck,

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