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    i know that a lot of people must ask the same questions over and over! and that the information i’m after may be here already, but this is such a huge forum i’ve found it slightly overwhelming! but please read the below and provide any information if you can!

    i would fill you in on my history but its much the same as everyone else and i am of course now following the diet, vits, minerals and anti-fungal supplements. my main symptoms are recurrent cytitis, recurrent vaginal thrush, general unwell feeling, exhaustion.

    so once i started my anti-candida plan i was feeling great, no cystitis, which is my main symptom and i think the reason i developed candida – from repeated courses of ab’s.i still had thrush but was treating it with apple cider vinegar and coconut oil applied topically. that was helping and then all of a sudden the thrush went. so i decided to insert 2 probiotic capsules (as pessaries) a night for 3 nights to get some good bacteria in there, but this seems to have made the thrush come back.

    my question is – would this be an upsurge for some reason, i.e. the probiotics aren’t working and i should stop ( i did have a cake on tuesday, with some red wine), or they are working – the candida is dying off from my vagina and the symptoms are created from the candida dieback toxins.

    i generally struggle to know what is an upsurge and what is die-back, my upsurge symptoms are cystitis, vaginal thrush, feeling very weepy, desolate, unable to concentrate, nausea, loss of appetite, chronic fatigue. today i feel like that but not as extreme, but i’ve been doing eveything right!

    how do i know what is an upsurge and what is die-back?? sorry if this is a silly question, but if someone could clarify that would be great!!

    thank you for reading xx


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    I generally wouldn’t worry about it because the candida responds in various ways as you kill it. The oral thrush will come and go and there will be good and bad days.

    I would blame any upsurge on the wine and cake you ate.


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