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    I’m new to this forum and new to candida as well. I’m 23 this year, male. Over the past 5 years, I have a chronic bad breath problem. I thought it had to do with my oral hygiene, so I did many things to try to eliminate it. However, even after I brush my teeth, floss, scrap my tongue, rinse with mouth wash, go to a dentist, etc, it did not help at all. It just keeps coming back. The back of my tongue is usually white as well. This terribly made my social life spiral downwards. Few months ago I start to take notice that after I eat or drink something sweet like a starbucks drink or maybe any coffee, my breath starts to smell immediately. I can literally taste it and smell it, it’s really uncomfortable. So I realised sugar, coffee, carbs, made my breath worse everytime I ate them. Don’t get me wrong, I have done a lot of research why this and that happens. I thought I had diabetes or many other illness, but now finally I thought it might be candida, hopefully nothing more serious. I done the spit test once and my spit immediately grew a thick leg downwards, so I guess I have candida. Here are some other symptoms I had over the past few years.

    4 years ago I realised my stool was becoming lesser and stickier, but it was still regular.

    I constantly have pimples around my chin area, only specifically that area always.

    I developed eczema 3years ago under my knee(between the joint).

    I realised I get sleepy/tired around late afternoon when I’m out with my friends easily, maybe always.

    My mood never seemed to be as energetic as ever. Never felt as happy as I was previously 🙁

    Few months ago I developed this abdominal pain I get daily, maybe 10times a day for about 5-10mins(sometimes it’s just gas and the need to poop). Maybe it was developed due to stress from university, I’m not sure about it. I don’t really feel it when I’m outdoors, only when I’m at home idling. Went to a doctor, he said it was indigestion. Went to another doctor, he said it was IBS. Went to a gastroenterologist, he said I was fine and my tummy pain might be just because of the weight I gained after eating too much during my exams period.

    Speaking of weight, about 4 years ago I was about 69KG. 2 years ago I was 79KG. Now I’m about 85KG. Surely I have been eating less buffets and McDonalds, but not sure what led to the weight gain, less exercise/more tidbits/getting old, sure it’s one of these factors.

    I admit, about 5 years ago my diet was horrible. I ate McDonalds at least once every week, I had buffet almost every week, had popcorn/nachos everytime I catch a movie at least once a month. Took lots of biscuits and sweet drinks.

    I tried eating vitamins C and B, did some colon cleanse, but it didn’t work much for me in removing my bad breath or anything.

    Someone please tell me if these symptoms show I have candida? Or maybe not?

    So with the information provided from this web, I have to do a strict diet, avoiding all the sugary, starchy, processed food, etc.

    I wonder if I can do it lesser, rather than totally 0? I live with my parents and they will never likely to allow me to eat what I want. They will think it is not enough for me, etc. Asian parents, if you allow.

    Antifungal, Probiotics, can these supplements be immediately introduced just as I start to cut my diet? Or must i wait for like 10weeks?

    Will the product Candida Support from Now Foods be enough to fight off candida? I have a line up of products to purchase, but I’m unsure of which will be necessary and how will I take them.

    Saccharomyes Boulardii, Pau D’ Arco, Grape Seed, Jarrow’s/Healthy Origin’s Probiotic, Milk Thistle.

    All seems good to me, exciting to get them. But afraid it might cause more harm than good if I take too many. Also, I’m a university student on student loan so I might want to overspend too much.

    Finally, thanks so much for taking your time to read my whole post to reply!:)


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    don’t rely on supplements, they never work. If your desperate consider the candida diet which is mainly fats with vegetables and protein. other than that try adding in digestive enzymes they helped me tons


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    What I recommend is trying to get a positive diagnosis before you start doing this because you could be treating yourself for one health problem when you really have something else going on. The spit test should not be used for diagnosis:


    What you need is whats called the candida hypo-sensitization test which determines whether or not you are allergic to candida. If you are allergic to yeast, it means you are not fighting it and thus it is blooming. One of the most effective treatments to gain better immunity to fighting yeast is the candida hypo-sensitization shots which are allergy shots that elevate your immune system to fight yeast:


    From my general experience with bad breath it isn’t yeast by itself. It is a complex of bad bacteria, microbes, yeast, parasites, etc. that have found a good host. One of the best aids for fighting this is to drink kombucha which is a yeast that consumes candida and it should remove all oral thrush in your mouth temporarily.

    Additionally, I see that you have listed a bunch of antifungals and s.boulardii to take together and this is not recommended. If you do this the s.boulardii will simply die and not do anything really, so you would be wasting this supplement. The problem with all of this is you don’t have a long term plan really, and you are looking at a variety of products that may or may not work. What I recommend as an alternative is professional help because then they create a plan for you to get better. This is typically a long term battle of 6-18+ months to get better (and for me it has taken 4-5 years now) because the yeast is persistent. Additionally, it’ll save you some headache and get you better faster typically because you aren’t wasting $ on a variety of supplements that may or may not work. Some people spend thousands of dollars trying to get better when they don’t understand their bodies on physiology.



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    Thank you to Raster Dr. Jeff Combs video was good thanks for posting it. Somehow just GI testing has not helped me much. The two Genova GI stool tests I’ve done never mentioned Candida.

    I finally did take the Genova’s Cardio Ion test and a nutritionist
    I counsel with did tell me because my D-Arabinitol is elevated that indicts invasive candidiasis overgrowth.

    I called Genova and ask about Candida testing and they said they have a test called Yeast Culture that ballpark’s at about $50- I’d have to get off antifungals natural agents for two weeks for the test to be accurate and I don’t think I want to do that at this point as I have lots of confirming symptoms. Anyway perhaps that Genova test would be good for someone just starting out.

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