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    I believe i have a candida imbalance in my digestive system and am researching how to treat it.

    However aspects of the treatment pose real problems as I am a Type 1 diabetic, using insulin to control my blood glucose levels along with a high carbohydrate diet.

    As a result controlling candida using dietry methods is extremely hard. I may be able to reduce the amount of carbohydrates I eat per meal, however it would be near impossible and dangerous to remove them completely.

    I have ordered Caprylic Acid and berberine anti fungal supplements but was wondering if there was any advice anyone could give me on how to combat yeast imbalance in the gut, particularly with Type 1?

    Help, advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi my advice is that you stop taking all remedies that you are taking it never works. Candida diet do not work also,just eat normal.Trust me i’ve tried it all for me.The only thing that works is COLOSTRUM LD from sovereign laboratories no other brand works it helped me get cured,guaranteed.


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    My advice is to consult an ND. They likely could help you reverse both candida and diabetes at the same time if they are good. The berberine will act as an antibiotic which we don’t recommend because this will destroy some of your beneficial bacteria.



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    It’s very unlikely anyone would be able to cure Type 1 Diabetes! God maybe.

    I’m interested to find out a bit more about the Colostrum LD has anyone else had experience of using it, and what exactly does it do?

    I understood berberine to be an anti fungal, and in some reading I have done it recommends taking it alongside Caprylic Acid??


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