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    After wondering what was wrong with my 2 year old son, we now know it is candida. He was born prematurely by emergency c-section. He suffered reflux until he was about 11 months old and I have just finished breastfeeding him. A weaning process that took longer because he got so unwell and wouldn’t eat anything and was just fading away in front of us.
    He also has an intolerance to corn, dairy and wheat, and sugar figured out through hair test. And has the mould link also quite highly. We had already gone gluten free and dairy free in an attempt to help him, and have limited processed foods and reduced refined sugar intake.
    My questions and advice seeking is around whether anyone else has had experience with helping a toddler heal and any tips and tricks you have learnt along the way. I also have a 4 year old daughter and suspect after my evening of reading all I can about candida tonight that she also has it, although not as bad as my son.
    I’m trying to understand lots about this, and wonder how he got it so badly so suddenly when he’s only had one antibiotics prescription, has been on probiotics, has been on a pretty low sugar and processed foods diet and so had I been.
    I am also wondering if this may explain some of his terribly slow grumpy wake ups, poor poor sleeping habits, wobbliness on his feet, lack of energy suddenly, and also the odd one that none of the doctors have been able to sort out, is what he says is a sore penis, at the base. We are on day 3 of an anti-candida solution that he takes 6 drops of each day, and even today he woke up from his afternoon nap so happy. And as a family are had already been switching to a paleo lifestyle with our eating, so in some ways we are on the right track – and need to adapt it based on my reading over the past few hours. I’m sure there is sooooo much to learn.
    Apologies for the long blurb. Glad I came across this website and forum. If there are any other posts related to this sort of thing, please point me to them. My search didn’t come up with many – except the mum with the 4 year old daughter with lots of allergies.

    Thanks and nice to meet you all 🙂


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