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    Hi everyone,

    I will start next week candida diet and i want ask two questions occupying my mind.

    1)Some peole say that, i also agree with them, human body need to carbonhytrate to wrok properly. How can i supply the needs of carb of my body? Which food i can eat daily basis to take carb?

    2)I am also so thin( 1.70 meters, 56 kilos) and i don’t want lose weight. Give me some advice.


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    Check this website out, it onlines the foods we CAN eat. Most of your carbs will come from grains. I typically eat quinoa because I love the mild nutty flavor.

    My advice would be to look up the grains and see which is the has the highest amount of carbs. Good luck!


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    I think the body can do well without carbs, but I have the same weight loss issue. What I do is try to eat extra nuts (even though some people do not when following the diet strictly) as well as buckwheat, quinoa, and coconut flour. Another thing that really helps me stabilize my weight is drinking full fat coconut milk and eating full fat yogurt. Again, these are not recommended when following the diet strictly but if you need to maintain a certain body weight you’re better off with a slower, safe improvement rate IMO.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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