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    I am on this cleanse & diet mainly due to:

    getting an acne appearing skin rash (folliculitis) on my neck and a few spots here and there on the face or chest.
    Is a candida overgrowth treatment helpful when a person has a fever followed by 100s of pustules on their skin, mainly trunk and face for a month, then subsides and leaves about 5 of theme lesions in cluster-form on the neck? I did take antibiotics for a bug bite (topically too) and some more for a herniated disk 5 months before that.

    My daily routine before candida diet was: wake up at 6am drink glass of water (sometimes with lemon ) then have a banana, 1 hour after that cook a bowl of oatmeal, sprinkle some cinnamon over it, sometimes blueberries, with 1% non-hormone milk or unsweetened almond milk.

    snacks: another banana or kiwi, or almonds or walnuts.
    Lunch: varied but healthy; brown rice, a few times pasta, veggie burgers, pita bread, chicken (not sure if free-range), slice of banana bread or pumpkin
    Dinner: same as lunch with green vegetables, no starchy stuff
    I did use spices a lot, red chili peppers, basil, paprika, etc.

    Absolutely no sugar drinks, but did have larabars gluten free, or cliff bar, dark cacao chocolate, pita chips, occasional pizza, used olive oil, no fried foods, greek chicken gyros.

    I worked out like a fiend as I always did 4 to 5 days a week, so I did not have low energy levels, or shock withdrawal symptoms like some going on the diet. Exercising releases bad toxins so I should have been letting out bad stuff each day along with the water intake.

    My skin problem went away in December/January but I was unaware that bananas, and some things I was still eating were feeding the candida like a sugary pumpkin walnut bread that brought it back to life.

    I seriously just want my life back. It seems I cannot eat anything without this skin issue coming back. The diet is very hard and I have little energy to exercise. I have no nausea but I can feel there is no energy. I can’t wait to put eggs back in, then coconut bread recipe.

    I tried oatbran before going on this cleanse and it will work for me.

    My big question is since I have eaten granola/oatmeal since I was a teen can I use unsweetened almond milk from a health store?
    In my mind, I felt it was the sugar bread and the different walnuts the east coast has vs the west coast (went on vacation for 1 month out east). Studies confirm there is another chemical in eastern grown walnuts.

    So right now I have had to say goodbye to bagels, veggie sweet breads, cliff bars, natures path granola (non GMOs), almond milk, spicy curries, etc. This has been a part of my life and I felt I ate healthy and exercised right. I enjoy the cleanse part but not eating all the health foods I normally eat and having to prepare mostly all of it at home seems like a major pain.
    just very frustrated with this whole episode I am going through.



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    Hello Rick,

    Its up to you whether you use the almond milk at the health food store. If you have skin problems it likely contributes to them. Once you start the diet I would do a week with and a week without almond milk and see if you notice any difference in how you feel. This is the best way to test out a “somewhat safe” food item but everyone is different and you may or may not be allergic to it, etc.

    I personally wouldn’t mess with it until you get to stage 3 of the diet and maybe use it as a cheat item once in a while.

    And I believe I mentioned this before, but its best to make homemade almond milk and then there isn’t any junk added to it, its fresh, and it’ll contain less molds. The molds are what is the problem and roasting the almonds and soaking them will remove most of the molds. My wife used to make it all of the time and the blending/straining part actually only takes about 5 mins or so.



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    I got off soy milk about 6 years ago as I noticed it contributes to breast in men among other things. almond milk never gave me a problem. As far as a contributing factor, I’d say not really. It’s probably more of the sweet breads I ate, bananas, & chicken at restaurants.
    If an organic cereal has rolled oats, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, and brown rice flour it should be healthy but it also has: tocopherols, soy oil, oat syrups, evaporated cane juice, molasses
    I know some food items I eat are not as healthy but I try to offset it with extremely healthy dishes of baked salmon with garlic, brown rice, green vegetables w/olive oil, workouts, and more.

    Well, anyway 5 days into this diet I feel fine as I did before except I have no energy to lift weights. Hopefully, the cage-free eggs next week will help me out and some other recipes later on.

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