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    Hi my name is Diane. Been suffering for at least 2 decades and have gone on candida diets numerous times only to fall back into poor diets and health. I am ready to do it again now. I have consulted by phone with this “modern herbalist” online guy who has his own protocol and supplemenmts. For the first 8 weeks the supps cost is $369, then the next 10 weeks is 2 hundred something. Is this resonable number one, number 2 should I go with him? I’m skepticle cause I’ve heard so much discrepancies. Dont do this but do that ect.. This guy says green tea, yerbe mate,goat cheese (if not aged but soft), stevia, vegtable glycerine, matcha powder,is ok. And NO to: all fruit,corn, grains, beans, lentils (unless very small ammt) and ALL meat MUST be organic and free of all hormones. This is very difficult and expensive. But if thats the only way fine I’ll do what I gotta do. But is caffeine allowed? coffee? iced tea, xyletol, stevia, veg glycerine, and grains, brown rice, ezekial tortillas? I just want to do it RIGHT this time instead of messing up. He also says its important to alternate supps. Do we become immune? Im lost in so much info I just need help sorting out what really works from the experts here. Please help me someone! Thanks in advance! :)Diane

    By the way the supps he recomding are: Berbercap, Candi-B, Candida rotation protocol, olive leave extract, paramicrocidin, phellstatin, sf722, tricycicline, syntol, yeast formula. Also recomd’s HCL


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    His food list sounds pretty right on except for maybe goat cheese. If you think you can while eating GMO or non-organic, I will tell you otherwise. You can have bad things in moderation, but certainly not everyday. Caffeine should not be consumed because it damages the liver and kidneys and also drains the adrenals which you need for your immune system.

    I am unsure if his supplement list is the best. SF722 is a great supplement but haven’t tried anything else on your list other than HCL which is important for digestion.


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