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    One food I really enjoy is red cabbage. I often eat an entire head in one sitting, which can often be over a pound ( or even 2.)

    The problem is I’ve read that red cabbage is rather high in sugar, and a large head can have anywhere from 20-40 grams of sugar, similar to the sugar content in fruits.

    Is this too much sugar for stage 1 of the strict diet?

    How many grams of natural sugars from vegetables are ok?


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    I would try to limit yourself to 25-50 grams of sugar from vegetables per day if possible. Eating a whole head of cabbage is a large amount and could set you back. Carrots and beats are also high sugar and should not be eaten in high amounts.

    I personally just eat a little bit of cabbage in my salad per day; the amount you are talking about seems too much.



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    you could make sauerkraut out of it.

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